✅Gas Grill: Best Gas Grill (Buying Guide)

Gas Grill: Our trained experts have spent days researching the best gas grill cooking and Gas Grills today – Click on SHOW MORE –
✅1. Weber Genesis II Gas Grill: https://bit.ly/35Zpp37
* Find a great deal on eBay : http://bit.ly/2NaHlB9
✅2. Char-Broil Performance Gas Grill:…


  1. ✅1. Weber Genesis II Gas Grill: https://bit.ly/35Zpp37

    * Find a great deal on eBay : http://bit.ly/2NaHlB9

    ✅2. Char-Broil Performance Gas Grill: https://bit.ly/2Lgf6zZ

    * Find a great deal on eBay : http://bit.ly/382CQkb

    ✅3. Weber Q2200 portable gas Grill: https://bit.ly/2DGIz1K

    * Find a great deal on eBay : http://bit.ly/2QF8oGM

    ✅5. Blackstone 36 inch Gas Grill: http://bit.ly/2l2KIzc

    * Find a great deal on eBay : http://bit.ly/2DtB3GV

  2. This video make me hungry.

  3. Please review the Fuego Professional grill.

  4. Please review the ACE exclusive Weber Genesis II E-325 3 burners Natural Gas Grill. I'd like to know what makes it different from other models as I am shopping for a gift.

  5. as long as you guys arent paid by these companies i got no problem with you trying to entertain me with comercials…but i gotta know whats your motivation

  6. Can you review the Chef Blumenthal gas grill

  7. Review of Weber gas grill e450

  8. sorry but this video is bullcheat….if you would have any expertise about gas grill, you should have mentioned a napoleaon or broil…what you are saying sounds like a payed advertise to me

  9. Yeah, I am pretty sure they dont actually review these items but instead just mashes together videos already on the internet and does video reviews…

  10. What about the Weber Summit?

  11. Ive had my Weber Genesis for 20 years now!

  12. Weber SE 335 is the grill to get!

  13. Char Broil has poor quality stainless that rusts quickly. Unit cooks unevenly.

  14. Pfff another Weber commercial

  15. Fucking add made me hella hungry 👻

  16. Get a smoker baby 💦💦💦

  17. Glorified info-mercial. No value added at all. Could got all this from manufacturers sites. No Napoleons? Come on!

  18. I’m disappointed no Napoleon grills made the list. Consumer reports rate them almost identical. I’ve had a Weber for years, great grill. I recently bought a Napoleon pro series for the larger cooking area, higher btu, heavier rotisserie bar, and better quality side burner. I’m really puzzled by the “Weber friendly” position this site has taken when virtually all other sites rate the Napoleon as the same, or just different according to options desired.

  19. Black stone is exceptional quality @ unbelievable price We have one @ lake & one @ home Use it 90% of time versus traditional grill

  20. First how do I purchase it I am from India

  21. Gas grill? Just use the freakin oven.

  22. i saw a grill machine that can rotisserie…. I don't know what's that…. Where to find it

  23. Please Review the Hunnington 30030

  24. I got the Weber S610 version and it is a dream. I never thought I would own such an amazing grill. I'm going to have this thing for at least 20 years. It is made to last, and with Webers 10 year warranty, it's a work horse. Just amazing.

  25. Please review the firemagic gril

  26. How about the Mr. Steak grill sold at Bass Pro Shops? I was looking at them the other day and they seem very well built, solid construction and good design. But, how well do they cook. Do they cook evenly, without hot spots? Do they retain heat well to cook and smoke slowly? Have you looked at this grill?

  27. That was almost a Weber commercial.

  28. Wow, these are amazing gas grills. The review video is great and now I know which is the best among them.

  29. I'm considering the Smokehallow 4 and 1. What do you think?
    $350 at Sam's Club $400 at OSH.
    I like the sear option , however it doesn't have stainless steel grill grids.
    Are there any with an infrared searing plate and stainless grids that you can recomend

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