December 6


3 Year Review of the Pit Barrel Cooker #bbq #grilling

By Smo'King BBQ Tips & Recipes

December 6, 2020

Pit Barrel Cooker

In this video I tell you my thoughts on what I like and dislike about the Pit Barrel Cooker after owning it for 3 years.

I have done dozens of cooks on it, and have many videos on my YouTube channel using it.

I also wanted to demonstrate using it, so I cook up a whole chicken as well as a rack of baby back ribs.

So after 3 years would I recommend it, or would I suggest getting something else? Watch the video to find out.

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  1. It’s not a grill it’s a smoker. If you want something to smoke and grill you shoulda got a pellet grill or a Webber kettle that lets you smoke and grill. Good review but your looking for a do it all machine and that’s not it

  2. I have also had my Pit Barrel Cooker for over 3 years. I cook everything on it. The only modification I've made is to drill one hole in the lid to add a cheap Walmart, Weber, temp, smoking gauge. When I cook, I don't tinker. The Pit Barrel is a set it and forget it smoking system. If you are a tinkerer and need to constantly fiddle with air, coals, etc. this isn't for you. If you want to cook good food in less time with less need to tinker then this cooker works very well. Very simple , great results.

  3. Another great video! I have a question and looking for thoughts from you and everyone out there. What would you think about drilling two holes one opposite of the other; opposite the rebar hole. And using them for your cooking probs that you can also use "magnets" to cover when needed and ro to use as extra venting hole when needed???? looking for thoughts on this????

  4. IMO there’s nothing you can’t do on a $150 Weber kettle and you can also grill on the WK. very cool concept. My buddy has 1. He loves the simplicity of it. But much more coin vs the Weber.

  5. Thanks for the unvarnished review of this grill. I've been looking at getting one myself but was put off by the thinness of the metal. I made my own smoker, years back, and know from first-hand experience that heat is the enemy of steel. I was afraid that these smokers would rust out after a season or two. Good to know that they hold up – especially that the charcoal is not touching the smoker barrel but kept inside a thick steel charcoal ring.

  6. Bro i love how you said everything you said ! Unlike most then other folks dont say this. But they need to know what are the good and bad ! why because smoker's aren't cheap, you need to know what you paying for. thanks for the help brother keep up with your youtube up good work.

  7. I bought the PBC bc of the “set it forget it” but quickly realized when it was running hot I wish it had vents like you said for some control. Hey I had fun stopping by!! Always appreciate your videos!

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