50 People Try to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Epicurious

Grilled cheeses are that after school snack that so many of us grew up with, but what makes a truly perfect grilled cheese? And what kind of cheese is the absolute best? And what kind of bread?! Watch as 50 people attempt to make a melty, buttery, crispy grilled cheese!

Still haven’t…


  1. no one's gonna talk about how this girl 2:53 looks exactly like cardi b?

  2. I don’t care mayo on grilled cheese is gross

  3. I am 11 and i can flip a grilled cheese sandwich with just a spoon

  4. I hope she knows all cheese is processed

  5. Man puts cheese directly onto pan
    “Just gonna…grill some cheese.”

    Well yes, but actually no.

  6. I’m 13 and I knew how to make grilled cheese when I was 10

  7. The chaotic evil energy of the guy who put the cheese straight into the pan.. my god…

  8. I was audible saying "Oh no, oh no" at the 1:46 mark.

  9. Wow the Guy with the kinetic energy

  10. Yo these "adults" are very stupid haaaa

  11. 0.01 she looks like Olivia Rouye.

  12. smh he literally grilled the cheese

  13. OMG the cutting board is right there, cut it on that!!!! Not the plate!!!

  14. where do you find those people? omg.

  15. Whyyy do these people not know how to make a grilled cheese?

  16. Ow are these people alive if they can’t make a grilled cheese, the dude who put the cheese straight in is just high, and grilled cheese with mayo is just DISGUSTING

  17. 2:10 this man is genius making “grilled cheese”

  18. Everyone: Cuts the sandwich
    Me: Why tf don’t you just BITE it. NOBODY GIVES A F*CK THAT YOU CUT IT

  19. The more you flip that better is your meal-the guy who didn’t know the difference between the olive oil and butter

  20. How are this people alive it’s hard to watch

  21. what i'd do is put some butter in the pan and wait til it sizzles, then get the plain white bread and butter the outsides, i'd put 4 slices of each cheese into the middle and wait for the sizzle, then flip it over and cook the other side, while im cooking the other side i would also add 4 more slices of cheese and another slice of bread with butter on it then flip the sandwich over and cook that extra side, cut it down the middle and look at the glorious double decker grilled cheese sandwich

  22. I put shredded cheese, mayo, salt, pepper, tomatoes, and mushrooms on my grilled cheese! ??

  23. you're telling me not one person breaks up the cheese?! Are you serious…..

  24. It's odd to see people that are more useless than a potato.

  25. All u do is make a sandwich and grill it. Hence the name.

  26. I am here just for the comments ?

  27. If ur not using white bread on a grilled cheese…

    I don’t like u

  28. Lol I’m 9 and I know how to make it ?

  29. všichni jste vedle 😀 na pořádnej smažák tam nikdo nemá

  30. America’s version of cheddar makes me laugh

  31. That JWU girl reps too hard. Wears that sweatshirt in every video she's in. We get it, you go to culinary school.

  32. all them metal spatulas… in them nonstick pans…. pour one out

  33. crazy when you se elders cant even make sandwitch

  34. Grilled cheese, so I just throw some cheese in a pan and grill it right? XD

  35. Anyone who puts mayo on a grilled cheese is literally dead to me.

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