Backpacker's Pantry Dehydrated Meals Review

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  1. Nice informative video. We've only had Mountain House, but are looking to expand our nutritional horizons.

  2. Close the bag and shake is what I do

  3. great video! keep up the good work!

  4. is there a vacuum sealed version, i need to save more space

  5. What kind of stove is that you're using?

  6. awesome as always, great vid. and good info . the breakfast meals is the ones i would like to try. Thanks again.. ben. Keep em coming.

  7. Chicken with Gravy, Dressing, and Potatoes (2 Servings)

  8. Bacon and cheddar mashed potatoes!!!!
    Be great! Thanks

  9. oh man the spicy cheese omelet looks like a good one to try. in the entrees they all look great but I think I would like to try the coconut curry with beef. in the extra I like the meats. Also a great selection of gluten free. I sent the link to my nephew who can't digest gluten. He always struggles with bush meals.

  10. I'm would love to try the Chicken with Gravy, Dressing and Potatoes! Love your channel. Keep the videos coming.

  11. jamaican jerk rice w/chicken

  12. GREAT VID!! any of meals you recommend.

  13. Never tried them bummer i missed the promo
    Shepards Potato Stew with Beef

  14. Not very exotic but probably the chicken and dumplings or beef stew simply because they're old school classics and remind me of eating MREs as a teen.

  15. +Living Survival Hope I'm not too late for this.. I'd like to try their Chili Mac with Beef. I took Mountain House's on a trip last year and it was the best thing ever (possibly because we'd hiked 13 miles), so I would like to try BP's.

  16. I will be trying these out. Have you drawn the winner yet? Great reviews by the way. Found your channel a week ago and love it.The Colorado Omelet sounds good.

  17. +Living Survival Chicken Cashew Curry peaked my interest ; P

  18. I am gluten free so the Katmandu Curry sounds good. I would love to try it.


  20. I would love to try the Curry dish. thanks for all of what you do on your channel. I get great ideas from you every time I watch.

  21. I'd like to try theFettuccini Alfredo with Chicken if I'm selected.

  22. I wanna also try the food bars in the video I saw a while back that came in the ammo cans , going to watch that video again in just a bit , don't remember the maker of them but I liked the small easy to stash appeal of em .

  23. That Chana Masala you had looks interesting ! I dig the just add water meals , light weight , easy , most taste pretty good , don't take up much room and like you said warms up the guts when it's cold out !

  24. look forward to your videos every week. The Louisiana Red Beans and Rice sounds like it would be great! Nothing better than a hot meal after a long day in the woods.

  25. Wondering what these would taste like. If I was going to sample one this would be the one I would want…Chili Mac with Beef
    Usually in my EDC, BOB or hunting back I have Ramoni noodles (think I spelt that right). Carry my little Prymos burner and butane and now I have added the little fold up wood stove similar to the ones you reviewed. Great videos, keep up the good work.

  26. i have never had one of these meals before but they look really appitizing. i usually take something similar on my camping trips called (look what i found) which is also nice. good look to all entries and keep the great videos coming. ATB Niels

  27. Brand new subscriber. Just found your channel this morning. You have a lot of good videos. If the contest isn't over count me in! I haven't had any backpacker's pantry meals before so if I win I'll take whatever you recommend. Thanks!

  28. the Shepherds potato stew looks good…. just started doing reviews of mountain house (video isn't up yet)… we'd love some of this… my son does the review he's 6 so it's nice to see what kids think.

  29. I'm all over the CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS


  31. Really diggin' your channel. Learned a lot here. The Chana Masala you were eating looks very tasty would like to try it!


  33. I've heard mixed reviews of the Biscuits & Gravy breakfast meal, so I'd like to give that one a try!

  34. I'd have to go for the Fettuccini Alfredo!

  35. Very nice giveaway!
    My choice would be Louisiana red beans and rice..the multigrain buttermilk hotcakes looks great!

  36. I'd like to try the charros beans and rice meal. That looks filling and nutritional.

  37. Cool vid…will be trying some of these on my next hike to Havasupai Falls this summer….I'm interested in trying the Pad Thai.

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