February 1


Beef Ribs on the PBC | Pit Barrel Cooker


February 1, 2021

Pit Barrel Cooker

The Pit Barrel Cooker cooks tasty pork ribs, but how about beef ribs? Watch as I cook some of the best tasting beef ribs ever!

Chupacabra Meat Rub

Pit Barrel Cooker:

Pork Belly Wood Works (Cutting Boards)


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Louisiana Cajun Recipes


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  1. Looks good, I use Chupacabra Special Blend on brisket but on beef ribs I use Suckle Busters Baayum. These are my two favorite rubs and It's difficult to choose which one to use at times. What do you think?

  2. Dude, I have 2 PBC's now! Just found my second used one for $200!! I haven't tried the beef ribs on it yet, so I"ll try next. Great videos as always man, you've been a great inspiration!!!

  3. Howdy T-Roy,
    Been watching your channel for sometime now…great information….many thanks!!! Got a new 22.5 SMS and will be trying beef ribs and brisket soon…will let you know how they turn out….

  4. T Roy, how many times did you have to add wood, and did you maintain any specific temperature throughout the cook? Also I don’t have a barrel smoker like the one you used, could I use my offset bbq smoker for the process?

  5. That’s one of my favorite rubs also!! I gotta be careful as my wife finds it a bit salty but I love it!! I think beef ribs may be next on my list.

    Do you like pork or beef ribs better?

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