Best Carbonara Ever! – Cooking in the Forest


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  2. esto es un plato muy bueno, ma no es carbonara mis amigo …

  3. Migliore Carbonara Mai…
    Leggo il titolo. Metto subito in pausa il video.
    Inizio a cercare commenti in italiano.

  4. Pasta of eggs noooo

    Pasta of wheat yess

    Salt in the flour nooooo
    Salt only in the boiling water

    Smoked pork….

    I know you are in the forest but you have to use the peek of the pig and no smoked

    Garlic… NOOOOOO

    Parsley…… Noooooooooo

  5. Lecker lecker, unbedingt nachkochen

  6. Hey, Italians in the comment section. In my life i have eaten maybe 100 bowls of Carbonara cooked by Italians. Each one was different to the next. Can you please advise me which one was "authentic"? Yeah I know, the one your Nona made.

  7. Mag ja lecker sein, hat aber NICHT viel mit Carbonara zu tun. Aber wie meinen die Engländer so hartnäckig, nach dem Brexit wird alles ganz toll, und demnächst glauben sie auch noch, sie könnten kochen.

  8. 음식 너무 맛있어보여요.. ? YouTube<강남청년 1만번의칼질>

  9. Questa merda non è carbonara bastardi cucinate la vostra di merda non toccate il cibo italiano!

  10. Ce n'est pas de la carbonara! De la déja ce sont pas du spaghetti en plus avec de l'ail et persil?????!
    Ca devrait être bon mais inventez un autre nom s'il vous plait!

  11. Now thats some sexy cooking!

  12. hahahahah this guy is a complete wank biscuit

  13. I'm gonna make this once and i'm gonna tell you how it tastes

  14. Is anybody else watching this all of a sudden turned on ? like me ??‍♀️….don’t lie!

  15. Very nice and looks delicious but please don’t call it a carbonara.

  16. So where is the carbonara

  17. As a rez kid i did the same but more off the land lol

  18. this is hand in dough porn so far

  19. Beautiful, for the vidéo we see the man is a professional very good job ????

  20. Imagine going to a forest and still completely fuck up a Carbonara.

  21. ill lick the meat like a real women
    in a gay way

  22. Babida boopie?! Bibbada bappa garlic?!
    Bippa boopa parsley??! Boppaboopi boppa those egg noodles are too thick!

  23. I would kill someone just to have a day in this wood with Almazan Kitchen ?

  24. Bravo a cucinare veramente..Ma questa è tutt’altro che Carbonara Li Mortacci Tua ?

  25. It really seems delicious,but This is not a fucking carbonara.

  26. is it only me that's triggering the fact that he/she is only using one hand!…

  27. I feel like I’m watching a horror movie. WTH.

  28. Ti prego non cucinare mai più una carbonara nella tua vita. O la fai bene o non farla

  29. Love the wooden dough mixing bowl. Where did you get it?

  30. 와.. 진짜 멋있다 언제봐도 경이로워

  31. 史上最高というより



  32. No. This is not carbonara. Call it something else, but, this is fucking not carbonara.

  33. Love these older videos from this channel that are purely about cooking in nature.

  34. 와 너무 맛있어보이네요….!! Wow it looks delicious mamm…!!!

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