Best Filet Mignon – Grilling the Perfect Filet

The first of many new videos showing our delicious Angus Prime Filet Mignon that come from cattle that have NEVER EVER had hormones or antibiotics. Our steaks make a great Holiday Gift and are the choice of Steak Connoisseurs. Visit us at to see and order our selection.


  1. Actually I prefer pan searing them and adding butter to the cast iron pan.

  2. Wow! that's a thick steak, I guess I need to plan chewing each bite at least 10 times or I will choke to death.

  3. awesome video. how long should the steaks stay covered under the tin foil?

  4. Shane McMahon just taught me how to cook a meal, I love 2019!

  5. Looking forward to applying these tips for grilling our filets this evening! I've been putting the steaks on the grill straight from the fridge…could explain a lot. And using foil afterwards. Thanks for the video!

  6. First step is take them out of the refrigerator. See I already messed this up…

  7. Followed these instructions and it came out great! Thanks for the video.

  8. During the 3min turns do you have the lid down?

  9. what is the differnece in time for medium or rare?

  10. Today I beat mine with the tenderizing hammer and seasoned /buttered them before grilling. Somehow they still managed to be tender. Now I see there is now need for the hammer lol

  11. Who knew mike leach was a grill master

  12. Also show us a cross section

  13. You mean 8 and 2 o clock, guy

  14. Great vid! My grill tops out at 400 degrees, so I just kept them on a little longer. Still came out amazing! Thanks!

  15. Did you close the lid to the grill? Considering the thickness of that steak – I really need to see you cut into it.

  16. I was on your website and couldn't find where you folks are located..

  17. at what temp are you doing this?

  18. After watching this video and trying your method, my wife loved it. Now every time we grill steak I have to buy filet. Thanks alot. Lol

  19. How is a 20 or 30 degree difference (40 degrees vs 60 or 70 degrees) going to shock the meat and make it tough when the heat source is 500 degrees?

  20. Tried this on my grill for my wife's birthday dinner she was so happy said that the steak taste better than any other place she's eatin she was in a wow mode lol thx for the tips now I share with others and they love it

  21. After 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Do you think he might have Cut into the steak. Lol old school vedio. But who needs all that . Cook 4 and 4 and take off and rest.

  22. Wow. Finally. Just nailed this video. Bravo

  23. Did you salt both sides of the steak or only the top side as shown?

  24. Great job, Sir! Looks like a 30 dollar meal at a restaurant. I am going to have this same dish tonight.

  25. I have never take a filet out of a bag?

  26. Well you should be salting 40 mins before cooking.

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