1. Going to try it right now. Hope it's as good ad yours look.

  2. No way u cooked those in like 6 min

  3. The chez rocker mix on YouTube

  4. 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock ? Cooking spray ? Lame !

  5. This guy has a ginormous house he doesn’t need the money from the video he just wants to help us! I appreciate it

  6. le gouvernement ne veut pas que ça se termine !!!

  7. Love it! Great video. Literally hitting the kitchen right now.

  8. are you closing the grill in between every 3 minutes? Thank yiu

  9. It's true that salting the meat will initially draw moisture out of the steak and shouldn't be done just before grilling. But if you salt the steak on both sides and refrigerate for 1 or 2 hours – known as dry brining – you'll get a great steak that's tender and juicy. The salt does draw out moisture at first, but then it will melt and be reabsorbed by the meat, tenderizing it and not losing moisture in the process. Trust me – I was skeptical but tried it and was so impressed that I always dry brine my steaks now.

  10. HMMM why didn't you cut that steak.. I want proof that this works!!

  11. Really?! You gotta cut them out of the package???

  12. I was waiting for him to cut one open so we can see the red juicyness! The filet has ruined me for any other cut of steak!

  13. Glad we were able to make a small contribution to a great meal. Thank you for the compliment. Tell us more about your interest in organic chemistry, please. One of the partners has a background in biochemistry.

  14. I have never grilled before and made filet mignon with a Gorgonzola cheese sauce and this video was tremendously helpful and the end result was absolutely delectable. Perfectly described, and great instructions. Thank you!

  15. SALT does NOT draw water from STEAK, it is a myth.

  16. My grill doesn't have a temperature gauge on it, just low, medium and high….would the high be 500 degrees?

  17. Important! How thick were your steaks?

  18. why does no one ever say whether they close the lid or not?

  19. Mine overcooked but they weren’t as round it was a beef filet mignon steak about an inch thick

  20. Why didn’t he cut the steak?! SMH

  21. First class video. Thank you.

  22. i was a chef for 9 years in fine dining and I must say that those were some beautiful filet's out of the package. I can't even get filet's that nice at my butcher. Where did you get those?

  23. Question? Why put the vinaigrette and tomatoes on those beautiful roasted potatoes? Wouldn't that take away the nice crisp that you get from a roasted potato. I would imagine that the potatoes would get soggy on the plate. Great dish, just my observation and opinion.

  24. Did this and it was phenomenal. Thank you!! Feel like a pro now.

  25. Omg! That was so delicious!!! So tense and juicy and flavorful. Mmmmm.

  26. I think it has been proven that the negative space left from the grill marks is lost flavour potential.

  27. Doing this tonight for Valentine's day. 2 concerns though. I've been taught to brush steak with a little extra virgin olive oil then season. I've also seen folks put a dab of butter on the meat. What's up with that and should I not use the oil? Always grill mt steaks btw..

  28. Yoooooo. Those steaks have no chill. They lost there chill. I been telling them to chill. They craaaaazy.

  29. Didn’t cut it open! What a tease!!!

  30. Getting ready to charcoal some 2 inch thick filets. The Butcher asked how many ounces…. I said Fuck That, cut em 2 inches thick out of the center of the loin, NO END CUTS!

  31. So close the lid, right? And what were the burners set to during the grilling? Full blast? medium?

  32. Nice video, but why cook or burn the pepper? It doesn't taste like pepper when you do that, fresh ground pepper soon as you lift the steaks off the grill is always best.

  33. Thank you BestFiletMignon! I will try this for Christmas. I can tell you put time and effort in your videos and I appreciate the quality productions.

  34. This man knows what he is doing 👌🏽

  35. Actually I prefer pan searing them and adding butter to the cast iron pan.

  36. Wow! that's a thick steak, I guess I need to plan chewing each bite at least 10 times or I will choke to death.

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