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Presented by Mitsubishi Motors | On this episode of It’s Alive: Goin’ Places, Brad Leone heads to Upstate New York to partner up with Jimmy Diresta, a guy who makes stuff. More specifically, he’s a welder with an active YouTube channel and he’s going to teach Brad how to make an outdoor…


  1. I love Jimmy and I love brad, this is a dream come true

  2. You should at least wear long sleeves when you're welding (at least with the tig welder I used) bc it will actually tan your skin. I would get too warm to cover my arms so I had some weird tanlines

  3. Brad is YouTube GOLD. Guy makes my day 100% better… Everyday!

  4. I need more going places with Brad pronto.

  5. Jimmy, I love seeing you here. how great is that! Hats off to Brad as well.

  6. Working as a cook for 3 year and just now graduating a trade school for welding this is truly a treat. God i love this channel

  7. 223 people didn't like english literature either

  8. At 4:42 why is his finger blurred?

  9. "A grinder and paint hides the welder I aint!"

  10. Diresta have the same vibes with joaquin phoenic idk why..

  11. The iron block probably weighs 11kg and 420grams Yeaaah!

  12. There is a very complex and captivating lore behind the content on this channel that so far nobody has attempted to collect and categorize. If anyone has the saga (so far) nicely edited, pls let me know.

  13. What am I gonna do in English class?” “Well obviously not learn to speak English”

  14. anyone know what illustration program he's using on that tablet? It's in the first few minutes.

  15. It's a shame they didn't do a lighter version… and call it "It's Aluminum"

  16. "Uh-vooff" "Va-VOOM" has me dying

  17. First off love you Brad but buddies mixed up a little the gas that is coming out of the tip is most likely a mixture or argon and carbon dioxide not air, next I don't know how you were welding but you make slag not burn through it unless you started, stopped then started again. Second i seen him do a lot of weeving while mig welding and that's a big taboo besides that great episode love it's alive.

  18. I can see how Brad got this Job.

  19. Im gonna get ark eye through the screen

  20. I don’t know why but at 12:16 when he was struggling and the camera cut to Brad just staring, I lost it

  21. I missed the sounds of MIG welding

  22. Jimmy Diresta is the coolest guy and I've never been more excited to watch a collab video

  23. Welding & Grilling ! Friggin Awesome

  24. can't wait to start my program at it's alive technical college! can't believe i got accepted!

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