Brine-Boiled Pork Ribs – From the Test Kitchen

Martha Stewart Collection Kitchen…


  1. I wanted to say this guy looks like he has never eaten a rib in his life but after reading the comments it seems unoriginal

  2. With all due respect, you are actually using St. Louis cut "side ribs".

  3. I noticed you didn't ask about brining steak is it okay to do so?

  4. I thought he looked like a psycho then i read the comments lol.

  5. You didn’t rip into them they could be hard as a rock how are we supposed to know ?

  6. If you boil ribs the terrorists have won, Meathead Goldwyn

  7. Reminds me of American Psycho

  8. He didn’t have the strength to crack the garlic🙈🤣🤣

  9. This twinkie is flamin' so much he could be the center of a solar system!

  10. The concept of boiling ribs is off putting to me. Is this a northern thing?

  11. I boil my ribs for almost 2 hours

  12. this guy knows a lot about sausages.

  13. This dude looks like someone who'd keep body parts under his floorboards.

  14. These look nasty as hell

  15. epic fail its gonna take at least 1.5 hrs to tenderize that. lol

  16. It sounds like blasphemy to purists…but this is a time tested method, not unlike sous vide'ing or braising any tough fibrous cut [brisket, short ribs, shanks], but this isnt FOR purists. This is for the home cook short on time or in a pinch. It will mimic a slow and low approach enough to satisfy most and possible trick a few purists.

    Hell—there are well known chefs that do this sort of shortcut all the time. This is just a behind the scenes cheat.

  17. red dead redemption 2 character

  18. Boiling removes the flavor….

  19. he left his posse to cook human ribs

  20. What a handsome chef. Incredibly sexy. Looks aside I like the thought of precooking before searing. At least you're sure it's all cooked. Th technique is quite similar to what we do in Japan and Southeast Asia. I think this is great!

  21. Why aren't you on Broadway?

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