March 13


Brisket on the Pit Barrel Cooker


March 13, 2021

Pit Barrel Cooker

Check out how beautiful this Brisket Point was on the Pit Barrel Cooker. I season the brisket with PBC Beef & Game Rub which made a gorgeous bark packed with flavor.

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  1. I just got a WSM 18”. I’ve only got four cooks on it and like it, but then I discovered the Pit Barrel Cooker. I like the idea of it. Looks like it’s simpler to use, maybe even easier to clean than the WSM. What are your thoughts on that? Does the flavor taste differently since the juices drip onto the charcoal? Basically I’m looking to justify buying one πŸ˜‚

  2. T-Roy: I'm considering the Pit Barrel Cooker and am looking for feedback from folks who have used the grate in this smoker versus the hanging method. Have you yet used the grate and if so please give us your opinion.

  3. Roy, I would suggest chicken or turkey next. Especialy Rus's(smokey ribs) version of cajun turkey. I did his version and a traditional version last thanksgiving and the cajun was the first to go. The PBC does chicken and turkey better than any smoker I have ever tried.

  4. Man everyone is jumping on the pit barrel cookers. Your video sure got me wanting one, Troy, for sure. Good idea with 2 hooks; that's been one of my reasons to hesitate getting a barrel, is the meat falling off the hook as it gets cooked (I'm thinking a slab of ribs). "Zoomification" for sure….love it! Nice fruit juice spritz, for a moment I saw that silver bottle and though "oh no…liquid wrench!" Beautifull sliced and choppled brisket, troy. Karen did a fine job on that! I just love the detail and crispness of the footage you get with your camera. Wow. What a bowlful of deliciousness you got there……thanks for sharing! All you need is a hunk of cornbread for that sauce! Hey, you and Karen have a great weekend!

  5. Nice video, well done. I've had a PBC for over 4 years…..mine's of the older powder coated variety (yep, it rusts) but it cooks like a champ. Want to do cook 8 racks of ribs at a time or a mix of ribs, shoulder, brisket, chicken, etc.? This cooker rocks. If you had two, you could almost cater with them. When you throw on some whole or half chickens, I would suggest using Kingsford Competition (or Professional as it's now known) or some other "hotter" charcoal and open up the bottom vent a bit more than normal during the cook. Why? You'll not only get great meat but you'll also get a crispier skin as the fat layer will render much better. The other option is to crack the lid a 1/4" once the breast hits 130-140 which will boost the fire and render the fat and crisp the skin. Experiment. Great cooker.

  6. I've had a Pit Barrel Cooker for quite a while now and it's my favorite for making pulled pork and those sorts of longer cooks. I don't have a fancy offset smoker, I just have the Pit Barrel and a large Weber grill. The Pit Barrel Cooker is a lot easier for longer cooks than the Weber grill. I just put a thermometer in the meat and cook to temp. No messing with anything, just cook to temp. I typically use a grill grate in the Pit Barrel though, I don't often hang stuff except ribs or chicken.

  7. Troy you the man I've been following some of your steps and ideas and now my friends and family volunteer me to do all the grilling of the pork shoulder brisket and ribs thanks for the tips now I'm the city boy who grill like a country boy 😁 keep doing your thing bruh πŸ’―

  8. Hey T-ROY, I have a PBC, too. Did you notice a different flavor on the meat with the juices from the meat dripping onto the hot coals, burning, and the smoke rising to flavor the meat, and how does this compare with your WSM, offset, and ceramic cookers? Cheers.

  9. i used to have a brinkman combo charcoal/propane smoker/cooker – actually 2, wore them both out, then brinkman went out of bidness πŸ™ they were cheap, and wonderful! i haven't found one that i like as well since. that brinkman was terrific for turkey on thanksgiving! maybe i'll check this one out.

  10. T-Roy- love your channel, awesome recipes, I've followed a lot of your tips and they work great. I do have a question. I did a brisket today using the texas crutch. in the foil, the flat read 203. so i went to pull it and unwrapped it doubled checked with a thermopop. and the flat dropped down to 178. same probe spot as before. let it sit on the smoker for about 45 minutes with know change. it seemed tender so i pulled it. any idea what in the world happened? any advice? thanks in advance.

  11. i got a Trader joes kosher brisket and i cooked it in the crock pot.. due to be a flat it was very lean tried smoking it … you gotta try crockpotting a brisket sometime it pulls apart. Its very good for tacos it gets really tender….

  12. Glad to see you're finally using the PBC! I got mine just over a year ago and I can't believe the Q this first time Yankee is putting out. I'm ready to be inspired by what you do with it, not that your other videos haven't already inspired me!

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