Building a Fire Pit / Grill from Scrap materials

I made this Simple wood burning Fire pit from scrap that I had laying around. Including an old washing machine drum, some steel pipes, and an old cast iron Grill plate.

Thank you very much for watching!

Big thanks to all my patrons especially Sithis Michaelis and Larry Radcliffe!

If you…


  1. Am I the only one who noticed the lawn mower sound effect for the screw gun

  2. Nice set up. I will do it on a different stand. ??

  3. Nicht schlecht ? wie lange hat der Waschmaschienenen Korb ausgehalten ist ja trotzdem dünn das Blech?

  4. How much for something similar?

  5. Genial, una idea fantastica, seguro que la copio, un abrazo desde España.

  6. To je perfektní, jednoduché a i hezké. Moc děkuji za inspiraci.

  7. Saludos desde Argentina Patagonia ??

  8. There's a place near me, a remote lay-by in the hills, where scumbag idiots have been fly-tipping washing machines into a small ravine. I'm going to go and drag them out and reuse them. Their waste is my treasure. Thanks for the inspiration!
    (P.S. I also subscribed to your excellent channel.)

  9. Que porquería de cosaaaaa☝️☝️?????

  10. Schöne video.werde unsere waschmaschine jetzt auseinander holen????

  11. Definitely one of the best DIY's out there! A really great looking / functional piece!

  12. Could totally mass produce this and make a million.

  13. Very nice, total craftsman ship

  14. Nice idea. I will try to do it too. But in the end was difficult moment for my stomach. When you sitting in the office.

  15. Hi. This is probably my favourite design. What wood do you normally burn and also, how hot do the plates get when they are facing out away from the direct flames?

  16. I've been using the washer tubs for years as a fire box but never even thought about the concept of the grill. Nice! Thanks for the video Brother! Build on my friend.

  17. Great job, just need to find old washer, by a welder, buy an angle grinder, several different wheels for cutting or polishing, and oh sod it i will just buy a barbecue, lol, but would still like to buy the items ?

  18. que arte es una maravilla esas estufas son muy chulas ??❤️

  19. Sos un genio! Muy prolijo tu planteo!

  20. Es geht doch nichts über die guten 2 Takt Bohrmaschinen ?

  21. A man of few words and just gets it done! O.K., your right… No words!

  22. I guess i am the only female here who expressess love for carpentry/metal crafting machines. Everytime i watch videos like this i feel so envious of what they use to create useful diy crafts at the comfort of their own yard. I wish (my longtime dream actually!) to have machines like that in my garage!!!!
    Ps: just subscribed dear!

  23. Great idea great work! Nice!

  24. Ollari's This is Amazing Cool Video thanks for the work you put in creating all this amazing video's and the great content your channel Rocks….I hope one day that my talent show channel can reach as many people one day like your channel does every day….Keep up the Amazing Work…A+A+A+A+A+

  25. Subscribing for the sound effects and music…..and builds

  26. Na te tuti hogy magyar lehetsz, mert a szalonnasütés és a zsíroskenyér evés csak miránk jellemző. 🙂

  27. Grandios!
    Danke für die Inspiration!

  28. Popped over from Laura too! Gonna check out all 10 ?

  29. Oriási ötlet!!! Ez is nagyon király!!!

  30. as always, Laura's recommendation are very nice! The id is cleaver! thanx

  31. Laura bring me here,,awesome project dude?

  32. Damn dude you are a genius. Awesome work!

  33. o kadar odunu 150 gram peynir için mi yaktın.

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