1. Nice job on the barbeque just so you that 5 dollar bottle of leak detection is nothing more than dawn dishwashing soap
    You can make it yourself but it doesn't matter you got is it also works great for airlines if you have a leak sorry it's really bothers me when people get ripped off for simple things.

  2. I’m from Saudi Arabia, And I’m interested in your travels, Best wishes

  3. What do you guys to for a living? How do male $

  4. Nice Projects Great Job as for the Awning you gave me a Tutorial how to Approach my install. Thanks for Sharing. Continue Making Safe Memories. 🚎😎👍🐶👨‍👩‍👧🤘💕

  5. I have a suggestion. If you get two grommets installed at 10' then place the poles and stakes at 10' out from the bus. The additional fabric can be left to hang down. Then just tie using the original gromet holes at the end of the canvas. This keeps the wind from blowing it around) This will keep the hottest late afternoon sun out of your eyes, when it is low in the sky, and off the area where you want to sit to eat outside. 🤗

  6. saw you guys parked in the parking lot at my local albertsons in Meridian Idaho! it was so awesome to see Juan in person. love following your story! should have stopped and said hi!
    keep up the fun adventure

  7. Awwwwwwe-Ning – that Juan upgrade is sweet! (Sorry for the cheesy comment, I can’t resist) Nice job on the grill too..

  8. Nice! Be sure to look us up for a parking spot when you make it to Northern Cali

  9. Glad to see sane people testing for gas leaks with the appropriate fluid…

    … as opposed to Nate (of Kara and Nate) who recently singed himself and almost burned down the van by using a LIGHTER…

    TWICE!! 😱🤭😳😵🤤😑

  10. Any vibration in those copper hold downs that you used on your gas line are going to cut into the line. You should swap those out for a type that is insulated against abrasion

  11. As always super adorbs great additions to your bus

  12. 凄いです! 何でも出来るんですね!

    Great! You can do anything!

  13. G'day and greetings from Tasmania Australia it's interesting on your codes for the installation of gas appliances. Down here you can't do it yourself you have to have a licensed person or you void your insurance, we use gas tape which is yellow between the pieces you connect and it has to have a shut off tape between the gas tank and the appliance. Great bbq they use those on yachts anyway stay safe kind regards John PS to check the joints you only need a spray bottle with detergent and water in it

  14. Nice additions to the bus!.. I love grillin burgers and pineapple.. it's the bomb!.. yummmmm… See ya next week.. Cheers..

  15. Hi guys. We keep missing u until u upload your weekly video. We enjoyed watch u setting the grill what a smart idea ( thanks for your parent). N am sure rom will enjoy her tent. N i love how u n kristen support n love each other. Love ❤️ your beautiful family.

  16. I would recommend replacing the clamps you used for the line under the bus with rubber insulated "P" clamps. The vibration can wear thru the propane line otherwise

  17. That bike load up was very Impressive!!

  18. they said ‘moooo’ back, i love that lol

  19. Sweet grill set up now you need some side trays to hold all your material instead of walking to the back back, but this bus is so dope

  20. now get a 6” door and install it so you dont have to crawl under to hook up propane

  21. "Gas Leak Detector fluid" please tell me you mean soapy water and you didn't spend money on some sort of "magic" stuff

  22. I have a Blackstone tailgator grill griddle combo 1/2 gas grill, 1/2 griddle I'm gonna mounted on a luggage rack and then get a swing away hitch so will swing to the passenger side of the bus from the back it's too big and heavy to Mount it on the side of the bus. And I'm doing the same canopy I was gonna use those heavy duty magnets to hold it on the bus but you know what I think I made Mount those hooks like you did and I'm glad to see you got the poles 'cause that's what I'm gonna do I ready have a I think it's a 10 by 20 tarp that'll keep me dry when it rains . Well good video stay safe stay strong stay healthy god bless and enjoy life and hug that little cutie.

  23. Very cool I want one of those on my van one day. I was really hoping to get the jackery solar package but I guess it was not meant to be

  24. The grill will work a lot better on those cows

  25. Que paso con la mesa que tenían al lado de la puerta que sirve para comer o poner las ensaladas o otros utensilios de cocina

  26. You could make a little table next to the grill with some more brackets

  27. I’ve been planning on putting a cheap awning like that on my bus. Thanks for posting, that was a simple install. I think I’ll do something similar. 🤘🤩

  28. Hello though about a small electric fence for around the bus from Dartmouth Nova Scotia

  29. Great grill, but watch out for cows and tunnels. 🌎 🇳🇴

  30. You're really quite amazing Will. How did you learn to do ALL the mechanical engineering things that you do? Is there anything you can't do? "😃" Another great vid!
    Love the shot of the MOON! Beautiful! 💓👍💓

  31. The grill is a killer addition! Are you zipping through Washington on your exploration adventures?

  32. How tight does the grill brackets fit to the bus? Doesn't slip or slide around on you or stay pretty snug?

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