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One of the most common questions I get is how do you buy the best BBQ meat. In this video, I take you on a shopping trip to show you what I look for when I buy meats for competition and my classes. Click “SHOW MORE” for all the information links.
Harry covers what he looks for when buying KCBS…


  1. great video. regarding my attempt at baby back ribs last week, one annoyance was that one side of the ribs had extra bone fragments between the main bones (like they were clipped off the vertebrae?). it made it difficult to cut nicely into individual ribs for serving because you'd have to navigate around these extra bones which were too thick to try and cut through. they aso seem too difficult to trim / cut out prior to cooking. Any advice for this or is this avoidable had i gone with spare ribs?

  2. <-just sings back in black

  3. Why do you look for striations?

  4. It is an honor to receive your advice and expertise Pitmaster Soo

  5. Thank you for taking the time to show us your knowledge.

  6. Great Video, Thank you!

  7. Talked on the phone to my partner while on the bus about getting a nice big butt to rub tonight while she was at Costco. Someone asked me if I was gettin some tonight. Then it hit me….

  8. I have watched you on TV and by far you give the best info for the backyard Bar-B-Quer. Thank you so much.

  9. Great advice Harry! Thx! One question. Why not buy the entire Ribeye Loin and cut the steaks yourself, instead of buying the individually cut Ribeye steaks?

  10. straight bones on ribs, sometimes you get some weird curves from walmart and shit.

  11. I try to limit my trips to Costco. The meat department always causes me to overspend… I can go there with my shopping list and warn my wife to no put anything in the buggy that isn’t on the list but I’m usually the one that ends up blowing the budget.

  12. I just want to be able to get in to restaurant depot

  13. you know you dont use that meat for comp. you are a waygu and prime meat guy

  14. I'm going to have to look at that ribeye next time great information thanks

  15. Do you come to Tennessee. Can't wait to see you in action. Great video

  16. How are you Harry?! Me again, I have a question that I'm not sure if you can answer but here it goes anyway. Sometimes I will buy a steak that looks good with all the features you said to look for in a steak but quite often it will have a lot of connective tissue (gristle) in it that makes it stringy and tough. Is there anything a person could look out for to spot it when examining the meat to avoid getting a cut with a lot of the tough connective tissue. (I know you can always get some.) Anything visible that gives it away or is that bad part of the steak invisible to the eye? I get that bad tissue in supposedly good steak restaurants also at times and it just ruins the whole meal. A friend told me he thought the chefs in the restaurants should be able to spot the gristle and cut it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again!

  17. Thanks for sharing your insight Harry.

  18. On ribs, I also look for straight bones. Just think for presentation it looks better and is easier to cut

  19. 3.68 a lb for choice… I wish . Try 799. Ridiculous

  20. Lots of good information, now I know what to look for. I always just grabbed the first one I saw ?

  21. great video..learning so much from your show..

  22. I have learned so much from this! Thanks Harry!

  23. Hey Harry. I really enjoy your videos and knowledge. Quick question. I’m am ordering a prime brisket from snake river farms this week. Should I remove the point and cap before I smoke them or cook them together

  24. I was wondering who fondles all the meat at Costco.

  25. Great song…great advise

  26. Hi Harry, I'm really confused now.
    In your chicken videos. You clearly state that you win lots of competitions and you don't scrape the skin and dry brine. But then in later videos you do evaluate wet brines, jacarding, scraping and injections. So as a total amateur I'm a bit clueless as to you're up to date and current best method. Pls, could you clarify? I have my first ever competition in 2 weeks time 🙂 thank you. x

  27. Hey bro thank you very much sharing this information. I hope you have a great weekend.

  28. If the raw chicken skin is blotchy or bloody, how will it turn out when covered with seasoning and cooked? Thanks for your insight!!

  29. When it comes to cooking whole chicken, what raw weight do you look for?

  30. I've watched this video several time and each time I see or hear something new. So much info packed is a short amount of time. Great, great video. Keep them coming, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  31. Great Video! Slap Yo Daddy Class of 2011 🙂

  32. Great video Harry! As usual you are a wealth of knowledge to us comp newbies?

  33. I can only imagine how much of that meat has to be discarded after being thrown around & banged up , I can see being a little picky but one person messing up A $2000 bin of meat there ought to be a law against it

  34. Thank you Harry, very interesting and useful!

  35. Those are nice looking pieces of meats for grilling with and for also cooking in the home oven. I have some babyback ribs which I am about to grill outside now. I will also buy some pork chops to also cook on the grill since I will be using it for the first time this Summer.

  36. Great Video I learned a lot again Thank You. Have you tried Spring Street Smoke House? Downtown L.A. they have a Pulled Pork Sandwich called The Hot Pig. With Hot Link inside. It is so good. I work 1/2 mile away at The Music Center And go there sometime’s
    Thank You Sir. Happy 4th Of July??

  37. Great information. Videos on buying the right meat are harder to come by than information on cooking it. Much appreciated.

  38. Rock On My Friend!!! Great Info……for those who don't know! If they don't know by now……shame on them!

  39. Hi Harry. We received our trio pack of your rubs. Tried the all purpose out on our hamburgers. Delicious! My husband, Greg, had a question about what kind of cooker do you take to your competitions? Thank you.

  40. Ok cool make sense I will not look at the meat the same any more?

  41. Great video. Thanks for sharing

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