Char-Griller AKORN Long Smoke Setup Tip!

Just thought I’d help those who wanted to know the best way to setup the AKORN for a long time smoke. Cheers!

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  1. Dope shirt! We never die!!!!

  2. You just earned yourself a new subscriber 👍🏻

  3. What do you use to catch all of the juice?? Wouldn't it just drip and cause flare ups without a pan

  4. How do we get the charcoal lit?

  5. We have a grill just like this, but haven't used it yet. I have some apple and hickory wood chips from last summer. Can I use those instead? And how much for a small bag of good charcoal, which kind? Anything else needed to smoke meats really? The temp gets higher with the vents closed right? Sorry for all the questions

  6. Do you not usually soak your wood chips in water? Why or why not?

  7. What kind of temp accuracy spread does this grill's gage have? Is it within 5 degrees, 10 degrees? I haven't bought a probe yet…

  8. Have you tried those pellet tube smokers? Im ordering one today. Seems it might add some additional smoke for long cooks.

  9. I was going to buy one of the Akorn ceramic grills this week. I contacted Char-griller to buy one. They told me they only sold them at Lowe's. I tried to buy it at Lowe's buy Lowe's told they they were not sold in my area. I live in the Houston area. I guess I am buying different brand of ceramic grill.

  10. I didn't know char griller made a ceramic akorn. Neat!

  11. Great instructional info from a pro! I learn so much about grilling from you!

  12. I recently purchased a Vision Kamado, but I enjoy learning tips from you and your Acorn! Thanks

  13. Once you light the middle of the grill, be a kamado style grill, won’t it light all the contents of the fire bowl? I have an BGE and that’s what normally happens for me.

  14. Very Interesting, Nicely Done!

  15. Wasted money for a simple smoke.

  16. I noticed you did not use much charcoal. How long does that amount last on a long cook? Love your videos by the way. Watching you older videos is the reason I purchased the steal Akorn. I am now looking to purchase the ceramic one.

  17. Love your videos! I watched your Pit Boss pellet smoker video and you inspired me to go out and buy one. I smoked a Tri Tip (California cut of meat) and damn it was delicious. I couldn't believe how much of a smoke ring and how dang easy it was. Just gotta baby sit the hopper every hour or so. Cheers and thanks for the Texas Brewers website. Great value and quick. Cheers

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