Charcoal Made from Human Poop Is Great for BBQ Grilling | New York Post

Human poop is being used for cooking in Nakuru, Kenya, where waste ends up clogging storm drains and polluting nearby lakes and rivers. The environmental project collects sludge from around the Rift Valley region and transforms it into briquettes, which are used for barbecuing.

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  1. I love this, why the UK is not doing it instead If sewerage in to the sea is beyond me.

  2. 1:40 "crapload of cash"
    See what you did there

  3. Is renewable or non renwablem

  4. I just love this
    waste to energy

  5. you mean to tell me I've been flushing money down the toilet!!!!!

  6. Dad. DAD! These hamburgers taste like $#!t. Worst 4th of July picnic ever.

  7. Does washing hand clean your hand 100% ?

  8. I really want to know how hot it burns and if its possible to use it for making steel or blacksmithing

  9. Just recycled electrons and protons I suppose…

  10. Holy SHIT…what's next??

  11. Oh man, cool! I'm making my own!

  12. Epitome of The New York Times ladies and gents

  13. Talk about a serious Butt Load of fuel

  14. bill deblasio cook with human waste coals. he love his shit

  15. I am offering my excrements for a fair price contact me whoever is interested.

  16. Savages.

    Come eat my poop. Very tasty and yum yummy

  17. Ew- did you have to say 'turds' in the same context as barbeque? just puts one off using it.

  18. Glenn, this is a court order.

  19. I do that i Same in Liberia

  20. burning shit i m wondering what the charcoal smells like when they lit it hmmm

  21. Overheard in a restaurant in Kenya: 'This barbecue tastes like sh*t.'

  22. It's like their BBQs will have come full circle. They'll e cooking & eating white tourists using the poop generated from the last white tourist they ate. Symmetrical sure, but weird!

  23. This will be the new YouTube prank: (1) throw a BBQ party, (2) feed people meat grilled on poopy charcoal, (3) tell them what they've eaten, and watch them throw up.

  24. hmm

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