Chris Makes Grilled Brisket | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Join Chris Morocco in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as he makes grilled brisket with peanut salsa. Normally, you associate brisket with long, slow cooking—maybe on a winter afternoon—but we’re making a case for throwing it on the grill. Freezing the brisket makes it easier to slice it…


  1. Chris stole Brad's apron. Next step, beanie.

  2. You bought brisket…treated it like skirt steak…dumb

  3. I don't like sweet mixed with my savory! Goddmnit! And I love Andy!!

  4. I'm so sorry but andy in that shirt 🥵🥵🥵

  5. Andy is looking pretty swole 😛

  6. Chris always wins over Andy in my heart.

  7. chris has a calming energy

  8. they've become self aware about being the office

  9. That man has a good taste in pens, the good old pilot g2

  10. Hypothetically could you slice the meat using a mandolin?

  11. you missed the pun…

    panning out on Andy's shoes
    Chris: "I think that Raf's it up"

  12. I made but i cut my brisket at 1/4” instead of an 1/8” and I’m gonna kill myself

  13. 3:33 "It's actually really satisfying to do this." I was felling it.

  14. Chris is my favourite by far! but also love molly and amiel

  15. My baking instructor, a 4ft tall angry Chinese woman, once said during class "If I can smell you're nuts it's already too late". We all make T-shirts that had her quote on them.

  16. Chris laughing is just the purest thing on this planet.

  17. My heart fluttered when Chris was laughing at the camera man


  19. Chris should have used a good serrated knife to cut the brisket since those make better cuts when you need to move back and forth.

  20. His dishes always seem the most exciting

  21. strangely, chris looks younger in a t shirt

  22. What would be a good alternative cut of meat. My store often only has a brisket in 22 lb increments(i know i could ask for the butcher to cut it, Aint nobody got time for that).

  23. ba media crew, your audio is so much softer than what youtube ad volume is at. so when ad plays. we will go deaf. or is it just me?

  24. I mean maybe its just me but i worked cutting fish and we never cut frozen meat. Its really bad for your knife and you are more likely to hurt yourself with your newly dull knife. He maybe just firmed it but frozen is a no go.
    Also n idea why you would want peanuts with beef and im a huge fan of not doing very sweet beef personally. Also you poisoned it with cilantro :p
    Im gunna have to try marinading and grilling brisket.

  25. Love how everyone in the BA fam is so knowledgeable and articulate. Carla casually flexing her biochemistry with protein denaturation, Chris of course with his impeccable vocabulary… very sophisticated and intelligent people excelling in their craft. A pleasure to watch them all

  26. the audio was more quiet than usual on this video. i had to max out my speaker volume to hear chris and i couldn't hear most of the people that tried the food 🙁

  27. Wow great recipe! However, the amateur audio levels are, as usual, what they are. Fortunately the magazine has no audio!

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