Convenient Smokeless Indoor Grilling

Don’t have a place to grill outside? You can enjoy a beautifully grilled meal with the Philips smokeless grill. Find out more here:


  1. Practically other models just like this for very much cheaper

  2. Very Pleased!>>> I received my Griddler yesterday. This morning I cooked bacon/eggs on it with no problem. This evening I cooked a 1-inch Rib-eye steak on my Griddler with excellent results. Cooking the steak was as simple as it gets. The steak was set to sear at 450 degrees for two minutes and then the Griddler automatically steps down the cooking temperature to 425 degrees. The steak cooked for a total of 8 minutes in the full contact configuration. When done, I ended up with a nice medium to medium-rare steak. I have used the product twice and I am impressed. Great job Cuisinart! Plus, clean-up was very easy.

  3. Other indoor grills sale for $59.99 WAaaaaaay Cheaper priced

  4. I've grilled in a snowstorm

  5. First of all it's smoke-less not smokeless big difference smoke-less is less smoke and smokeless is no smoke. This product is less smoke not no smoke. If you don't know the difference don't do a product you don't know about than lie.

  6. live for these videos and BBB

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