Cumbrae's Great Alternative Grilling Steaks, Part 3


In this video, Cumbrae’s owner Stephen Alexander gives you the insight into the relatively unexplored world of alternative grilling steaks. We explore the part of the animal the cuts come from, how to best prepare them and how to ask for and select the best…


  1. Your the reason butchers are doomed

  2. Brother,… You have "sparked" something up inside this old Butcher !
    I grew up in Sydney's western suburbs & worked in 20 different Butcher Shops across Sydney during my 4 year Apprenticeship before I bought & ran my own little 1 man shop that I had for 4 years.
    I loved watching you get at that forequarter & so badly wanted to break that bitch down & bone it out which I haven't done since 1992 🙂
    Thanks mate,… Cheers 😉 

  3. Very good video, could you show were the terres major is ?

  4. Great video only one thing missing, skirt steak

  5. Thanks Stephan. Very educational and that was like art man. Haha. Awesome stuff.

  6. The first cut is the Brazilian Picanha but our friend removed the fat! Don't do it! Picanha comes with fat. Just marine salt and a grill and you are ready to go.

  7. It's great to see the origins of your food. I can tell Stephen is very passionate and knowledgeable about meat and I can't wait to visit Cumbrae when I get to Toronto!

  8. Excellent, excellent vid.
    Thank you, Cumbrae!

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