Dehydrating Meals for Backcountry Camping

I demonstrate a simple process for dehydrating meals for the backcountry.

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  1. Excellent food dehydration instruction!

  2. I was hoping to see how you prepare the dehydrated meal when you’re ready to eat. I’ve never done this before.

  3. Very similar to how my process has evolved. Definitely meat separately and sauce (veges etc) in another at reduced . I've just cooked a kilo of beef, lamb and chicken and and have vitamised it to a powder to avoid a gravelly texture. Making various sauces to suit.

  4. LOVE IT. Enjoy seeing that you've got your child involved.
    ALSO easy to follow and no extra talking. No one likes that. So the video was well done. Cant wait to show my husband.

  5. I really love your video! I am a Keto person but this gives me a very good basic idea on how to prepare my meals. I have looked at many videos but this one is so much better and not hard to understand at all. The only thing I was wondering is that I thought if you dehydrated things you did not have to freeze them? I thought dehydration was used instead of freezing stuff, to have a better shelf life? Is there a reason you put yours in the freezer? Thanks!

  6. How much water do you use to rehydrate them?

  7. Do you need to store your meals in the freezer? New to this 😃

  8. Excellent video. I have a budget & can't afford the freeze dried food & would like to try this. I also don't have a freezer. How long do you think this would last on a shelf?

  9. Be aware that dehydrated elbow macaroni can hold air whereas flat pastas do not. This is important when vacuum sealing the meals.

  10. Suggestion: Double seal all seams when you vacuum seal.

  11. I wanted to see how it rehydrated 😌

  12. How much water do you add to re-hydrate to the proper consistency?

  13. This is great!! thank you so much. im getting a dehydrator myself and wondering which is the best to buy (dont want to spend a fortune). What would you recommend? I found the Presto Dehydro on Amazon for $38 (600 watts) which seems great but the one thing Im not sure about is that it works at a preset temp of 165ºF….thoughts??

  14. I didn't know you could do this. Thanks!

  15. I appreciate your concept in combining the carbs and veggies together to dehydrate… then adding the protein and spices. Thank you… very concise method.

  16. Have you ever used Anthony's heavy cream powder in any of your recipes, for example, instead of coconut milk in the chicken curry, add Anthony's powder when you add the spices. Do you think that would work?

  17. Might as well eat from backpackers pantry. Only difference is the sodium content because you still eat garbage😂. Eat poop + look like poop = feel like poop on the trail.

  18. Do I have to use the little packets of oxygen absorbers when I shrink wrap the dried food? Or moisture absorbers? Whatever those little packets are that some people say to use and sell?

  19. Hey! thanks for the tutorial. I love making instant meals.
    Do you have to keep the end product in the freezer though?

  20. Hello, can you help me? How long can i store dehydrated, vacuum sealed food in my backpack? Im going a 4 week trip. Can my food (chicken jerky / and meatless chili bean) can least for 4-5 week? Thank you.

  21. Thumbs up for your daughter!

  22. How long can these be stored

  23. Thanks you saved me a lot of time! I will be coming back to get these recipes.

  24. How does that beef hydrate. Tough?,

  25. Why do you keep it in the freezer? If dehydrated should that not last on room temperature?

  26. Great video! Thanks for the info! I’m working on dehydrating food for our cross country trip this summer! I’ll have to give some of your recipes a try!

  27. Swamp gal here ,,was great info

  28. All that chili your gonna get diarrhea on the trail!😂

  29. Can you overdry when dehydrating?

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