DIY Dehydrated Backpacking Meals

Today I am showing you how I put together some homemade dehydrated meals. Save money and control what you are eating and the size of the portions you take with you.

What I used in this one:

Bumblebee Canned Chicken w/Rib meat in water
Idahoan instant mashed potatoes, Loaded Baked


  1. Would it make more sense to cook the vegetables before hydration?

  2. Hey man.  I like the video.  One question:  What model dehydrator are you using?  I want to get into dehy-ing my own meals, but need a launching off point.  based on reviews, anecdotes and other sources it seems like the key is the dehydrator.

  3. Go on reddit look for any subreddits pertaining to your videos and share your video there, I promise it will boost your view count. No reason videos like these shouldn't have 50k+ views.

  4. I'm really liking the videos! Nice work.

  5. Great vid! I like to do chili on the dehydrator. Throw in a handful of instant rice and it makes a happy camp. Keep up the good work.

  6. Your own version of shepherds pie. Very nice. Keep the recipe videos coming. I love making my own backpacking meals. — I hope to catch you on the trail sometime. We can swap recipes.

  7. Ok i've officially binged watched all your videos. Good stuff man. We'll have to do a trip sometime. You should also have more views. These videos are actually informative. Especially your trip reports

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