DIY DEHYDRATED MEALS [Prepping 365: #161]

Here’s the link where I got the recipes from:

These are the mylar bags and oxygen absorbers that I got from Amazon:

Get yer t-shirts:…


  1. And before anyone says anything, yes I can just cut the gallon mylar bags in half, but I like the little assisted tear strip. Not necessary to keep, just like it. 🙂

  2. Sorry if i’ve missed it lately but is your husband still doing the keto diet?

  3. Good job. Thx for reminder ref oxy absorbers. We use the Mylar and vacume seal depending on what we're trying to save. I think the idea of full meals in one bag is great. You rock. Prep On T

  4. Good idea! Thanks for sharing the info!!

  5. Did you buy your meat's freez dried or did you just do dehydrated meat that you done yourself

  6. Such a great idea! What's the shelf life in the mylar bags?

  7. They look tasty! I think y'all are going to enjoy them even more because you made them.

    Could you describe what happened to the tomatoes?

  8. Put your unused oxygen absorbers into a mason jar with a new lid, you'll hear the lid "ping" when it seals

  9. Nice Iooks like you did good
    Please update us when you use them
    Looks yummy

  10. Wow those look like they’ll turn out good! ?

  11. A tip, dear Morgan, if you are planning on keeping these for the next 30 years then write what is inside the 'mylar almost ready to eat' on both sides. High possibly it will rub off leaving one clueless as to what is for dinner. More work but … Good video. Best

  12. i got some mylar bags tried to vac seal them doesnt work.does the oxygen absorbers take the place of vac seal .i gave up on the mylar bags.but after seeing how you use the bags,think i will try again.the bags i got didnt have i guess i just didnt know how to use them .ty

  13. great job! a note about tomato powder — if you dont have fresh tomatoes, you can buy a #10 (organic if you want) can of diced tomatoes at Costco or Sams or wherever. drain them (use liquid to make a pizza sauce) and dehydrate. then use coffee grinder to make powder. Soooo much cheaper than buying it. we use it for everything 🙂

  14. I recently bought one of those "hair straightener" flat irons, you clamp it down on the bag while it's upright, I got it so I can seal up my quart mylar bags or very full gallon mylar bags. this may work for you

  15. Could you use a vacuum sealer to seal the bags? I'm new Mylar storage.

  16. Rice? So…you cooked the rice and dehydrated it? Or is it just regular, uncooked rice?

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