DIY SMOKER: Part 1 – Cold Smoke Generator

I have been craving homemade jerky for a few weeks now and have decided to do something about it. Why spend multiple hundreds on a smoker. Here is quick video of my homemade smoke generator. Stay tuned for part 2. The actual smokehouse.


  1. Great video Im gonna try this soon. looks like a really easy set up to reload wood fuel and control temperature.

  2. ….simple solutions are always best 👍👍👍

  3. I made one of these from you video, I drilled hole on both sides instead of the bottom. As for the air I tried an air pump from an aquarium but didn't seem to have enough air pressure then I tried a compressor and that was ok but it never shut off. I finally found a solution that worked for me, believe it or not I am using an old CPAP machine for the air, its a real workhorse and the output is adjustable. I am using the same size can you are and I am using Applewood pellets which last about an hour I may increase the can size to a gallon.

  4. Compressed air is full of pump oil. Find another air source unless you like the taste of pump oil on your salmon

  5. It's been 4 years . . . . can't wait for Part 2 !
    A 1/4" air hose quick connect fitting is a lot easier to assemble into the air injection rod for those who do not want to solder or brass braze as you have done. That will make it simple to connect and remove your air compressor. Go from the copper tubing to a 1/4" female pipe fitting, then simply screw-in the quick connect fitting.

  6. The cold smoker I've just finished looks quite different to yours because I had different stuff lying around. However, it is completely the child of your youtube clip. Very many thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Will definitely be building this! Thank you for posting!

  8. You did not clean out the inside of the can, there is a liner that will burn off leaving on nasty taste.

  9. I built this also using a gallon can instead. I used black pipe just like you did. I just used it for the first time and noticed a black tar like substance dripping from the pipe into my smoke box. The tar like goo is on the lid of the can just like yours. Is this toxic material from the black pipe or is it just the product of smoking?

  10. This is still one of the best ones I've seen

  11. Finally figured out how these things work, it's the same principle as a perfume atomizer. Thanks for making this simple

  12. Good, but where is part 2? Promises not kept…naughty.

  13. Try some new solutions from Avasva solutions.

  14. I did it quickly and efficiently with instructions from Avasva webpage.

  15. "I built this thing for $20 or $25 bucks." Proceeds to attach a $350 compressor. SMDH.

  16. simple, cheap, awesome, cheers bro

  17. what about the coating on the inside of the can is it bad when you heat it up

  18. TO THE HARDWARE STORE!!! best Superman voice

  19. Still waiting for berf jerky part 2

  20. Wow, great idea! Thanks for sharing the info.

  21. Hey! Thanks for this excellent video. I'm a UK viewer, and not a DIY person, so I wondered if you could be so kind as to make a list of the parts that you used so I can order them? Thanks so much!

  22. I have had good results with it but the charge lasts longer with pellets

  23. The Man! Now all I need is an air compressor 🙁

  24. if you measure the paint can you will find that a that a piece of 4" od exhaust pipe will fit inside a cut in half paint can so you can make it as tall as you want

  25. Great job, thank you for sharing.

  26. This time I'll use ShepherdSurvives instructions to learn about it more 🙂

  27. Min air pump for smoke generator is around 8 liters / min or 126 gal / hr. My air for the smoker worked at 2 lbs/ inch. Topfin 1000 at PetSmart is appox. 1.0 liter / min. Hope this helps.

  28. Good info. Just finished my unit and it works fairly well with pellets. I got a Topfin 1000 iar pump and it would not work. I had to hook it up to my compressor and cut the air to about 4 or 5 then it worked. How big a fish tank air blower does it take?….would like one that will work with my router control from harbor freight. Burned out the paint can with a propane torch and had to reinforce the bottom of the can with a metal plate. I plan to cold smoke salmon overnight when it get a little cooler. I am going to hook the unit up to my Weber 22 inch kettle with a 1/2 in id hose. Close and tape the bottom airholes with silver dryer tape and see if that works. I am sure that it will. Any advise on this would be welcome.

  29. so why do it so complicated when you can just use your smoker, put sawdust in the pan then put a piece of bbqq lighter into the dust and deep the vent slots a bit open?

  30. Ya need blue smoke friend.  Cheers!

  31. All that just to eat some smoke jerky……COOL … thinking

  32. Soooo! Where's part 2 ????

  33. What about trying a compressor from an old refridgerator?

  34. Are you not concerned that the paint that the can is coted with from the factory will generate toxic gasses that will infuse your meet?

  35. Ive been thinking of using a piece of black stove pipe with caps on both ends and the same pipe fittings on one end

  36. I hooked up to an air compressor through a air brush regulator at first and now am using a old nebuliser air pump.

  37. I tried your design and it worked ok but only got 75min. smoke out of a full can of chips. other than that it works fine.

  38. Hello,
    Can you add the description of the parts needed for the cold smoker (length & width of the pipes ect…)

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