Easy Campfire Cooking Cleanup – "Quick Trick"

“Quick Trick” (Episode 5) – There’s nothing quite like a good meal cooked outdoors over an open campfire. This simple camping related tip will hopefully help make the after dinner cleanup of your next campfire cooked meal much easier.


  1. John, I'm pretty darn sure your channel is one of the most useful on YouTube.  Keep up the good work brother! -Ben

  2. If camping by a river use sand and river water to scour out the inside of your pot. Gets em real clean like new without much scrubbing

  3. Why can't more videos be like this? Informative and straight to the point.

  4. This trick remind me to my Rip grandma about 30yrs ago. She always did it when she starting cooking.and its work well

  5. Learned this trick in our Scout troop >50 years ago and it has definitely stood the test of time. Something old is new again…and worth the telling. Good work.

  6. This really works! Though funny story. Mom was a scout leader and we had a little camping trip. Mom told about this trick. We wondered why the cocoa was so soapy, until the kid said, "well I put the soap on the inside like you said."

  7. very cool trick. what will he come up with next?

  8. u cheatin' bastard. thumbs up

  9. Great video! Short, precise and on point..

  10. Ok going to show my age but as a Boy Scout we were taught to soap our pans to prevent the soot from sticking. Boy Scouts USA. Still a great trick.

  11. Ahhh a classic one I forgot from boy scouts

  12. The black soot will make the pan warm up and hold heat better

  13. Boy, that's an old trick I used in the Boy Scouts…..and I'm 63. But others don't know it, so it helps others

  14. camp food is always beter than my mom food

  15. put it in a bag why bother when it just going to get black again .dishes are for the city .boil it. wipe it .oil it bag it .use paper plate and burn it or just use the pan .i know where these ideas come from but i don't need to take them to the woods .

  16. Learned this trick straight out of the 1979 Boy Scout Handbook.  🙂

  17. Excellent as usual…useful ideas and you are concise and to the point without being a know it all or acting like we are all 6 years old. Keep the tips coming!  Thanks.  James

  18. lol this reminded me of when I was in boys scouts and we used cast iron pots for every thing after the meal was over we would dump all the food out and just throw the pot in the fire.

  19. Can you do more tips to clean your cooking gear ?

  20. Thanks for the tip, Cool idea. I have a cook pot that I have been cleaning up with scrubbing and baking soda. I will try this dish soap idea was I get her cleaned up,
    Thanks for sharing,

  21. haha, had to watch that a couple times, im tired, thought u were putting the soap on inside of pan and then cooking in it, then i looked at handle and realized my mind playing tricks.

  22. Thanks for the great tip. You have a great channel, I found you through Kdawg's channel. If you like hiking vids please feel free to check out my channel "the canwest backpacker" I am a Canadian backpacker that you and Kdawg have inspired to start a new channel. Keep up the good work.

  23. cook with coals not flame a campfire flame makes for uneven cooking a proper bed of coals is always the way to go

  24. Awesome video…great tip!  Thanks!

  25. Learned this trick in my Scouting days back in the early '80s.  Thing is, here in Texas, we don't do much cooking over an open fire.

  26. Learned to do this in the Boy Scouts early '50s. Except we didn't have liquid soap and had to rub on bar soap. A little more time consuming to apply, but made cleanup just as easy. Thanks for the memories!

  27. I a not sure my other post made it. This is a great tip! To make sure it's non toxic, use Ivory unsented soap.

  28. Awesome! This is a great tip! Have a good one!

  29. Hey John, I just came across another awesome outdoor cleaning tip. One of my problems on my aluminum cook kit is burning food in the pan. The charred food makes the pan unusable for the rest of the trip. I bring a little salt on my trips now and use it as an abrasives with a little water to scrub the pan.

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