Filipino Barbecue Is a Must for Grilled-Meat Fanatics | Food Skills

Every culture has its own unique take on barbecue. In the Philippines, the holy union of meat and fire is a meat-lovers’ dream. Cooked on skewers and paired with some San Miguel beer, Filipino barbecue sets itself apart by slathering a 7-Up and banana ketchup-based barbecue sauce on slabs of…


  1. I don’t know why I love how thick he is.


  3. Armando you rock. Your food looks soooo good.!!

  4. Nothing can beat the simplicity Filipino BBQ so delicious!!!

  5. 4 am and i am hungry as shit.!!!

  6. Why they got a smiling and talking at the same time Chinese dude doing Filipino Barbecue? And isn’t F.O.B. a extremely racist term for Fresh Off the Boat towards Vietnamese Cambodians and Chinese particularly… (Oh I guess a show on ABC makes it right to say now huh?!) This makes Filipino people look terrible… I don’t agree with all this hippy dumb shit going on these days… If you do things, do it respectfully and right please!!! The whole world watches YouTube… not just your friends who laughs at your jokes even if it’s stupid.

  7. Fantastic looking, mouth-watering Filipino barbecue, I wanna eat all that food. Thanks for sharing vid, thumbs up.

  8. My Mom would make those Pork Skewers growing up, but it was more the marinade of that pork belly he used. NO 7-UP…

  9. Everything is on point!

  10. get bobby lee and his entourage in and on your wall

  11. Is there a name for the instrumental that plays right at the beginning?

  12. A Filipino video without a Mitsubishi Lancer in it? Lol. Food looks delicious though

  13. Limang piso lang noon.. international na ngayon.

  14. glad that First We Feast reps the ph 🇵🇭🇵🇭

  15. 7up is to godly to not have in og filo bbq

  16. PEENOY PRAYD xdddd

  17. this guy has a vibe. makes me wanna be his friend.

  18. I hate how this guy is describing everything so well. Now, I want to eat ALL of the food. All.

  19. It feels good to know that something of our Third World Corrupt Country gets featured/recognized lol

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