Food for warriors: Making ‘Kulesh’ in a WWII field kitchen – Taste of Russia Ep.2

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Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention and that’s true of many traditional dishes around the world. Once created for lack of better options, some foods win hearts – and stomachs – because they taste…


  1. So the Russian word for cuisine is "cookney" ? (please excuse the spelling)

  2. Nice and total propaganda. American is akward fool who can't make anything right, and the ruskies are alfa males who makes fun of him. Painfull to watch this crap.

  3. Действительно интересное видео 🙂

  4. Interesting. "War is so war, but lunch must be scheduled."

  5. How the fuck a grown person can not know how to fucking chop wood 😀 Those guys were so supprised how bad he was… 😀
    The russian guy is cool as hell 😀

  6. In the Soviet Russia food eats you

  7. The voice that appeared from nowhere is similar to the guy who talks in World of Tanks

  8. The reporter… hwo do I put it, acts a little retarded and whiney. I'm sure they could have gotten a better person for this documentary who shows actual interest in this subject. But besides that it was quite interessting about the russian version of the german goulash cannon. There are some differences here and there but its more or less the same thing.

  9. Когда отвёрточка в Америке?)))

  10. Should have made him clear a minefield with his feet to get the real authentic Red army soldier experience.

  11. The only thing possibly better than this, is "Cooking with Boris".

  12. they are eating to survive not for pleasure

  13. This is a highly kept secret comrade, we used to make soup out of the Nazis.

  14. Man, they’ve got this “American” guy acting like a doof. He wants to open a restaurant but can hardly peel a potato? Come on. But love seeing the Soviet field kitchen – very interesting.

  15. I have gained such a respect for Russian food from doing ration reviews over the past several years. I love the hearty flavors and no BS approach to cooking. And thanks to some awesome Russian viewers recipes, I now can make my own buckwheat and beef porridge but also a very passable beet soup. CHEERS!

  16. Take a shot every time they run their logo. You’ll be more hammered than a Russian

  17. No spam? Thats dissapointing.

  18. the narrarator says oats and yet the recipe and the one on the screen calls for millet. OOPS!!

  19. Покажу, как легко делать раз в сутки до 95 долларов на свою карту. Посмотрите вuдео у меня канале

  20. Tovarisch Glen: Hey guys, food's here.

    Everyone: URA!

  21. Dressed as an American soldier cold war intestifies

  22. Surely the american isnt that stupid ?

  23. Drinking game:
    Take a shot of vodka everytime it says "Taste of Russia".

  24. Fun fact: Goulash is made of beef, and the word comes from “gulya” which translates to “herd”.

  25. Missing out on Dandelion wine…

  26. How can this guy hope to ever open a Russian restaurant if he can't even peel potatoes?! The potato, also known as Soviet Gold needs to be peeled fast and well!

  27. RT is funded by Russia?!?!? Wow, with a name like Russia Today who would have thought it so? God bless our once and hopefully future ally, Russia!

  28. Все равно чувствуются нотки издёвки и Оскар относится к Глену как к ребёнку 😏

  29. Оскар не скромный !!! Умеет он готовить оф

  30. Damn give me some kulesh

  31. If he wants to open a restaurant….he better learn to peel faster than that!

  32. Wow my whole life my dad has made Kulesh from time to time and I never knew the reason why is because he used to eat and make it in the Russian army.
    It’s not exactly my favorite dish but it really matters who makes it and it is a very hearty meal.

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