Golden Island Korean BBQ Pork 14.5 Ounce(Pack of 2) – #cookoutdoors

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14.5oz Pork Jerky Korean Barbecue Recipe Gourmet Snack Golden Island. Brand new & sealed in factory packaging. Net weight 14.5oz per bag. Sweet & slightly smoky, you’ll enjoy this jerky as much as the grilled pork from your favorite Korean inspired restaurant. With bold flavors of sesame and spices, this sweet and soft jerky will become one of your favorite snacks. Tastes like it just came off the grill! Sweet, tender and flavorful. Fully cooked, ready to eat. Product of USA.Gluten Free
No Preservatives
No Nitrites/Nitrates
No Fillers-sliced From Premium Pork hams
Sweet & Smoky-Taste that right off the grill flavor

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