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  1. What you called rare was medium. What you called medium was way well done

  2. Seasoning your grill grates before first use will prevent food sticking to your rails will be easier to clean.

  3. Will it also work with Zucchinis, Eggplant and Asparagus? You know, I have a thing eating the flesh of an animal.

  4. We're guys. There's no way I'll read the directions.

  5. Jack apparently doesn't know his BBQ has a setting that can be used below the HIGH setting so as not to burn the F out of his food. Left side…his food was lifted up.

  6. Eating rare burger is a good way to get sick… it's ground meat, not steak!

  7. you just like eating all the meat, rotflmao

  8. My experience, grill grate does best with Chicken…tender, not dried out.

  9. Do they make any for a round Webber

  10. I bet the grill grate deflected heat towards the other side which dryed out meat. test is skewed in my eyes.

  11. you obviously don't know how to grill….not hot enough for grill marks

  12. I wouldn’t buy them. I rather buy grill liners to make cleaning easier.

  13. Be smart and get you a couple grill mats keeps fires to almost nonexistent.

  14. It's called residual heat don't be a ignorant tool. 🔧

  15. Grill Grates are for searing…not slow cooking🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. That’s not rare,that’s (RAW) !

  17. I’m a few yrs late to this but anyway. We’re do the the drippings and grease go or there drainage holes or does it run down and onto the ground?

  18. Just looking real fast. But the grill grates was not the side on fire

  19. This dude is not allowed within 100 ft of my outdoor kitchen. Or my indoor kitchen.
    Also, for the love of anyone eating your cooking learn some basic food safety.

  20. Some folks need to stick to vegan and prius life. If y'all were focused on the bbq grill you would notice the phone. He ain't preparing my food I dont care. Maybe that tray is a clean one just like he has that big metal tray for all the meat afterwards…

  21. This review was basically useless. I’m sorry to say that I know nothing more about whether these grates are worth purchasing now than before watching this video.

    I like your channel but you missed the mark with this video.

  22. Doesn’t look like you preheated the grates. Every other review on you tube displayed beautiful grill marks on the meats, yours don’t have any. Perhaps you need to read the instructions and reshoot this video

  23. this guy is hilarious. Talks with his mouth full. bahahahaha!!! Dum da-da-da-dahhhhh!

  24. Jack is a cool dude but needs to read instructions 😛

  25. Hi jack should have seasoned the grill grates a few times with oil before cooking to avoid that sticking and really let the Grill Grates work to there true potential

  26. They'll be non-stick after you season them. Just like a cast iron skillet.

  27. You don't keep your grill clean? Geeze

  28. "I can't believe this just happened"
    I can; you clearly haven't cleaned that damned grill since the Crusades.

  29. I’d buy these if they were not aluminum

  30. 'ignore the haters. nice job.

  31. Hey Jack! It was obvious that you needed a clean grill first. Your honestly is appreciated, but you should have ditched the whole video and started it over again properly. You probably also needed to season those Grill Grates, as well. Not sure if Grill Grates recommends that or not, but it's worth checking the manual.

    If anything was proved was you needed to follow directions. This video shouldn't be a knock against either the Weber grill (for the flare ups) or the Grill Grates, so it was primarily due to operator error. Better luck next time!

  32. dude you sound like bob from bobs burgers

  33. I Like Using The Grill Grates On My ( Primo Grill / Smoker ) Rather Then My 36" Blackstone Griddle , The Steaks Turn Out Great On The Primo With No Flare Up's ….

  34. yes your not cleaning the grill you just know to use your not a cleaning guy

  35. Not a fan of the review. I am sure I will like the product.

  36. Noticed that the Grill Grate did not mark the meat well.

  37. Hi Jack like always great video. It's 2018 do you still have this product and how is it holding up for one and is the performance of this product worth it

  38. I understand the goal of the Grillgrates product. To provide an wide and even heat distribution on a surface for grilling food and at the same time shield the foods from flame flair ups and this test shows that. However it fails to prove which method results in more enjoyable food eating experience. Because! There was no management of the cooking. It was all time based. It would have been a far better test if two gas grills were used and you managed the cooking as it cooked to get the best results from both. THEN a taste test from both would be valid.

  39. "Amazing ribs?" What another lameass!!

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