Grilled Cheese Nachos – Handle It

Let Ameer teach you how to make Grilled Cheese Nachos! Great for yourself and a small group of friends!

1 Package of bacon
14 Slices of white bread
7 Slices of cheddar cheese
1 Cup of melted butter
1 Cup of shredded cheese
1/3 Cup of sliced jalepenos
1/2 Cup tomato soup
1/2 Cup…


  1. I eat Grilled Cheese Nachos.

  2. Dumb. Hated it back in the day but atleast it was "harley". Who is this millenial dumbfuck? And the dish sounds awful/ Who eats that?

  3. Hey Ethiopian kids coulda had that damn crust

  4. I will try this for my weekend off.

  5. Just saw you on the Today show and I thought your food lokked good, so I subscribed.

  6. I just wanna swallow one of those avocado slices

  7. Like button is for the fakin fuck this where's my kraft cheese n camera…

  8. Hell Yeah.looks tasty .af..


  10. Liked for the Tomato Soup SALSA!!! W2G EMT

  11. This is great, but I'm not sure about using sour cream with grilled cheese. Sounds off, you know?


  12. His lisp is so fucking cute! haha

  13. Looking good Ameer. I'm a huge grilled cheese fan so I'll have to give this one a shot.

  14. "this is allowed….this is okay"

  15. Epic meal time not how it used to be

  16. Bout half past cooking time here in the UK atari

  17. i remember when epic meal time didn't have to try and got like a billion hits

  18. where is Ameer cant see him?

  19. Mmmmm grilled cheese!!! 😰

  20. good recipe but did anyone see who cooked it? i couldn't see him anywhere.

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