Grilled Cheese TOASTER BAGS | Toastabags gadget test | Does It Work?

Toastabags claim that you can cook a grilled cheese sandwich in a pop-up toaster AND re-heat french fries and chicken nuggets. Let’s see if they work. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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  1. NO! Grilled cheese sandwiches aren't grilled cheese sandwiches unless you cook them in butter.

  2. The numbers on your toaster refer to minutes toasting, i.e a timer. not temperature, toasters are not temperature controlled

  3. One slice of cheese? At least put in 3 for goodness sakes!

  4. Toaster setting is not 3.5 power-—-Its minutes—–Nobody knows this–

  5. Probably silicone bags ,don't really need them ,latest gimics.I use at least a slice and a half of cheese ,or make quesadilla.

  6. That is NOT cheese that’s artificial cheese byproduct. You can’t call that crap cheese. Nasty. 🤢

  7. This brings back two memories
    1 when I was in 7th grade during winter break moving into our new house from apartments and i was left in the new house to meet the phone guy to install the new jacks my parents left me with a load of bread , a brick of slice cheese and the toaster to make cheese sandwiches to eat.
    2 several years later in the army using a toaster to grill steaks by drilling drip holes in the bottom and hanging thin steaks vertically in the slot using a couple of baked potato skewers /mini kabob rods

  8. I'd use 2 slices of cheese and a slice of ham.

  9. My family always out mayonnaise on our grilled cheese… just me? >.>;

  10. idk how people can eat American cheese

  11. You don't need a bad to make grill cheese in toaster lol 😂

  12. Classic American version??? Says who? The world will think this is what we eat! One fake slice of plastic cheese, wheat bread, and no butter??? Nope nope nope 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. 2 slices of bread in toaster.
    When done, add mayo and cheese.
    Pop into microwave

  14. Wow! Nice to know these are a thing. Ive been wrapping my cheese sandwiches (sometimes with ham, tomato, pepper, salami, ect) in baking paper for ages (i flatten it a little with the palm of my hand to fit it in my toaster)
    It always worked perfectly but it's a little wasteful since you only get two wrappers out of one sheet, so investing in these might be a better option 😀
    Thank you emmy! I love you videos.

  15. You can't make grilled cheese without butter.

  16. Emmy, you can make grilled cheese in the toaster without the bags. Lightly butter your bread put a slice of cheese on each piece of bread. Lay your toaster on its side and slide each piece of bread in a slot cheese side up and toast. When done put the two slices together or eat open faced. Enjoy

  17. One step away from Vinyl

  18. Where did you fine them i love to get them

  19. One slice? You couldn't have made one more sandwich with a couple of slices? Hmm.

  20. I think the numbers on the toaster are not temperature settings but time settings

  21. The levels/numbers on the toaster actually aren’t temperature. It’s just the number of minutes it will toast

  22. The next obvious thing Emmy to try is dishwasher cooking…

  23. Good job… Thanks heaps. 😀

  24. we people with coeliac disease use these or the baking paper equivalent, to prevent contamination from regular bread.

  25. You can toast the bread then take 1 piece of the toast throw a slice of cheese on it put it in for 30 sec microwave done toasted cheese sandwich

  26. Sheeze we been making grilled cheese in the toaster for years. As long as your counter top is burn proof you simply turn your toaster on it's side. Ours is flat on both sides. We do toasted cheese one slice of bread with cheese on top, and grilled cheese with two pieces of bread with cheese in the middle. No fancy brown bag needed. We use the butter spray as it don't soak the bread or melt and dip in the toaster.

  27. If you were to use real cheese (any non American) in any real quantity it would all end up in the bottom of the bag,surely?

  28. Have these in Australia and they are great

  29. This is not grilled cheese, it is a toasted cheese sandwich because you did not grill it.

  30. Might get them for work, apparently everyone I work with is an idiot that thinks putting cheese on a toaster is safe .. one already caught on fire LOL

  31. Sorry Emmy but that was the sorriest grilled cheese

  32. I used bags just like these so I wouldn't get gluten all up in my mom's gluten free toaster lol I never thought they were meant for grilled cheese

  33. They are made of a type of fibreglass

  34. Thank you for cutting triangles.

  35. Emmy, grilled cheese is always 2 slices of American Cheese Food.

  36. I have these and love using them. I do put butter on mine and they turn out great.

  37. I once saw someone post about how the numbers on a toaster is to indicate how long the bread will toast for vs how hot it will get its blrw my mind EDIT: I never actually tested this

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