Grilled Salmon | Honey Balsamic Grilled Salmon on Cedar Planks Grilled on Big Green Egg

Grilled Salmon Recipe on Big Green Egg with Honey Balsamic Glaze

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To grill Salmon, I start with 3 pieces of salmon filet weighing about 4-6oz each. For seasoning…


  1. Looks good but to me it looks overdone. 30 min is a long time for Salmon. Then the Lime? 🤢 But that’s just personal choice. To me a Lime is a Lemon that went bad! 🤣😂🤣 I still love yer channel though. Keep the vids coming! 👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

  2. Malcolm, you are the greatest. Your presentation is EZ to follow and crystal clear. I bought a Kamado Pit Boss a few months ago and you have made grilling come alive for us. I can't thank you enough……. although our food budget has gone up about 20%…. 🙂

  3. I tried this last night and it was amazing! Thank you so much for all the great videos.

  4. Love this recipe Malcom!! 2nd time cooking it for the wife and I. Literally cooking it now on the egg!! Thanks for all your amazing recipes. I definitely look to you for great egg meals!!

  5. I have that SAME wine holder wow I never thought idd ever see the same one 😂

  6. Man! I just did this recipe tonight. I've never had much success at grilling salmon. This was honestly some of the best salmon I've ever had. And that includes any fancy restaurants I've been to. The reduction sauce was the perfect complement. I would have never thought to do this on my own.

    The other day I found your channel by accident. I had typed in a Google search for filling a propane tank and YouTube suggested one of your videos. I live grilled foods so what the heck. I watched your video. Then i watched another and another. I could feel my mouth water just watching you taste your different recipes. I literally couldn't take any more. I jumped in my truck, went to the store and bought a couple of ribeyes.

    You are a master at what you do. It's clear that you love it. I can see your passion in your videos. I just know that if i cook any of your recipes, it's gonna be good. You're my new cooking hero. I wish you the best success.

    Bu the way… if you're running out of ideas for videos, I'd like to make a couple suggestions…

    1. Pheasant! Most people make it in a stew or something or a cream sauce. But i think a grilling genius like yourself could come up with some good ways to grill pheasant.
    2. Cornish game hens. For a single guy, it's the perfectly sized one person meal.
    3. Grilled vegetables. Although most people watching your channel are basically carnivores, some grilled vegetables would be a great complement to your other recipes. Also… most of us men are pure meat eaters, but many of our wives are more into some good vegetables. Keeping the wife happy is important to successful grilling!
    4. Maybe something a bit more exotic like rabbit? That would be cool the the guys that hunt.

    Just a few thoughts!

    Happy grilling!

  7. thanks for providing the info on how to cook this

  8. Another winner 🥇, had it the other night, but wish I'd had your rub, I pan fried the skin which lot of people probably don't like it, but it was good then grilled it,, I've never seen anything I didn't like from your cooking 😁

  9. I cant wait to make this!!!! Los

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  11. A point of advice for your future videos….get a lapel mike. Do not depend on the mike that comes with the cam. The echo is terrible! It sounds like you are working in your bathroom.

  12. I just made this dish this evening with a few small modifications. It was honestly one of the top 5 salmon meals I have ever had. I used black pepper instead of red pepper and I also chopped up about 2 cloves of garlic and added about 1 extra tablespoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of molasses in the glaze. For seasoning the salmon instead of my BBQ rub, I used kosher salt, black pepper, garlic salt, and sprinkled parsley over the top of the salmon.

  13. Did you brine prep you Salmon before you put your rub on?

  14. Looks over cooked though. Half that time and you get more flavor out of it. Just my opinion. Balsamic vinegar reduction rub looks good.

  15. Whoever hit the thumbs down button is a straight hater!

  16. Malcolm, this is an awesome recipe, I have made this twice a both times the Salmon is delicious. Thanks for what you do, your videos are the best.

  17. Why didnt you add ANY oil?

  18. I made this recently for my sister and brother- in- law, first time ever, and was it so damn good! It was requested a second time a few weeks later from them. STILL so damn good! They both said they never had salmon taste like this and would have had to pay a lot of money if they ordered this out, and it wouldn't have tasted any where NEAR as delicious. Thanks for recipe! Rave reviews for my grillin' !!

  19. Just finished up, lots of flavors! I had a very large piece of salmon so had to adjust the cook time, hardest part as usual was being patient getting the egg to temp and not jumping in too soon when it pops to 300

  20. Trying your method now, have the salmon on the planks and just put the glaze on

  21. This is a man fo passion right here! thank you!

  22. This was delicious, thank you Malcolm for sharing!

  23. This was excellent!!! Best salmon I've personally made to date and very easy to put together.  Made this for my family and everyone absolutely loved it.  Thanks for all you do with this channel Malcolm and keep up the great work!  I view this channel daily in search of my next grilling and smoking adventure! "The BBQ Rub" is the deal!!!

  24. That looks awesome. Really enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work.

  25. Love it! Going to cook it Sunday. Thank you

  26. I like glazes ; they are well balanced and not over the top as far as spiciness. Great video once again.

  27. That was way more than two spoons of honey…

  28. Looks tasty but I'm not buying cooking on that plank. Best part of grilled salmon steaks is getting that skin nice and crispy.

  29. killer salmon dude. I'm going to try this for my daughter and ma

  30. I made these bad boys last night and they turned out great!  Thanks dude.

  31. this looks absolutely delicious

  32. i have my green egg fired up ready to try your way…Cheers

  33. Love your channel!  I have made many of your dishes and they all turn out excellent!  But I will not be making this one.  BBQ rub on salmon?  Ugg.  Not sure I would risk ruining a nice piece of salmon like that.

  34. This was so good and super easy! Even my daughter who thought she didn't like salmon loved it. You never disappoint me with your recipes. Thank you!!!

  35. Hi Malcolm, thx for your wonderful videos and recipes. Can you put the salmon face down on the grill first for a minute or so to get grill marks before placing skin side down on cedar planks? Or is the bge temp to low (300 degrees) to sear grill marks?

  36. Hands down the best salmon you will ever eat right here… Thanks Malcom!

  37. Made this while the in-laws were in town over Thanksgiving It was awesome! Thanks Malcolm!

  38. I've made this for my wife and my guys at the fire station and everyone loves it.

  39. Nice video, Malcom. I've been planking salmon for a couple of years now. Try toasting the cook side of your plank for 5 minutes before placing the fish on to cook, raising the temp to 350 degrees and cooking for about 21 to 25 minutes. I also recommend Salmon Magic as a rub and a honey/maple syrup reduction for the glaze. Nice thing about the Egg is that no matter how "done" you like your fish, the Egg will keep it moist. Regardless, you definitely know how to use the Egg.

  40. Thought you were going to say stay away from the farmed raised salmon, which sucks.

  41. I would hate to live next to u if you didn't invite me over lol often

  42. How do you not have more subscribers? You are the best bbqer on youtube I have seen!!!

  43. Just had this recipe as my first ever cook on my new Kamado grill… amazingly delicious! By far best salmon I've ever had !! Thanks Malcolm!

  44. Made this last night and it is a keeper. I took the time to type it into MS Word and save it in my recipe file.

  45. I had to subscribe! love the vids. I'm very very new to barbecuing.

  46. At 300 Deg. How do you not have big puddles of albumen on top of your fish?

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