Grilling Chicken On My Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill

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  1. Girl, I love your vids. You got me into cast iron with one of your earlier videos

  2. Awesome video! Thanks for the tips. Subscribed

  3. That is clean grilling!

  4. Best grill video. I’m using mine for the first time tomorrow and I wanna impress my bf by not needing his help πŸ’ͺ😎

  5. If you live near a Home Depot, you can find the Weber Fire Starters there. I love those Weber Fire Starters.

  6. That is a very efficient use of charcoal. Your method saves the grill and stops all the grease fires, you could walk away from this and have no issues.

  7. Thanks so much for your fine video!

  8. you are not very smart.

  9. ma'am- remove the paper cover from the chimney!!! Fire starters are at home depot, best thing ever for us bbq'rs.

  10. Just a question… Is this grill space sufficient enough? What have you faced so far? Should I go for the big one or this one?
    What do you suggest?

  11. Weber please make the grate lock in place. It’s such an easy modification and I’ll buy another one lol. I hate the way it moves when flipping the meat

  12. Thanks so much for the video! it is very helpful for me 😊

  13. Great video. It kept me entertained all the way thru. Thanks for the tips. Wings looked awesome!!

  14. If you choke the coal on the grill you can reuse.

  15. God damn, this was one big hot mess

  16. I'm done with gas grills. They last a couple years at most. Even the expensive ones. The gas griddles look interesting but I think I'm just going back to a Smokey Joe that will last a lifetime.

  17. Great stuff, wish we could see what they look like in the kitchen light 😊

  18. Fuck I hate your dumb American accent

  19. Lot of original ideas, ill have to borrow them. thx

  20. Cool thanks for the tips ✌😎

  21. drippings not droppings…

  22. I think a single Sunday paper for a 1.50 will offer more lights than 12 tealights for a dollar.

  23. Hi, very nice, like ur tip, thanks for sharing. Anjali

  24. Do you need to assemble this?

  25. Great video…… Love cooking with charcoal πŸ™‚

  26. Love the bread pan idea and the paint can, great job!

  27. Great Job, Sister! I very much enjoyed this tutorial, an I LOVE cookin on my Smokey Joes! πŸ™‚

  28. Nice Video and you are the First Female that I have found getting the charcoal and the whole thing going on here at Y T .. seen lots of men and only one female putting the grill together for her husband's present BUT NOT cooking

  29. Instead of using paper under you chimney, you can use those "sterno" flame cups they use under buffet chaffing trays to keep food warm. They're $1 at dollar tree and last approx. 2 hours. Might be cheaper then the lighting cubes. You can't buy just one online, you have to buy them at the store.

  30. Hi sweetie. Those wings are looking fine! Hope all is well with you.

  31. The best purchase that I have made this year. This is my first charcoal grill, and it exceeded my expectations.>>> Β  I normally grill for when we have a lot of people over, and I can easily grill a lot of burgers at once on this thing. You can cook anything on this! I smoked the thanksgiving day turkey on this grill, and it came out amazing.

  32. Love my little Smokey Joe! Does the onion treatment really work?
    My grate is trashed, and I've been using non-stick foil.

  33. dont know why the dislikes, those wings look DELICIOUS and i dont even like wings…. and you made it in that little weber thing, FANTASTIC JOB!

  34. Hi, I just ordered a smokey joe this evening, watching your video has given me some good advice, so thanks very much and please do some more.

  35. i love the idea about the cast iron pan. Excellent video

  36. Many thanks for you post, I used the same indirect system you did with a rack of Lamb & turned out spectacular !

  37. Great Job! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  38. Great video! But you can do with out the foil wrapped coals.

  39. very informative…different than "The BBQ Pit Boys"…

  40. you have a lot of good ideas I never thought about thanks for the post!

  41. I Love This Video! Great Tips!

  42. People don't forget to remove the labeling from the chimney before using it. It might catch fire.

  43. Oh my god you have so many neat little tricks up your sleeve! Good stuff!

  44. my opinion. season the wings. use a pot with just a little water so the pan wont burn. let the chicken sit in there. again you want to measure what you're cooking. for example i had 7 chicken quarters. ill use just enough water to sit about 3/4 of an inch. because the chicken already has moister that will be fine. cover the pot with a lid for 45 min on low heat. dont open the lid at all. itll be fine. then rinse and BBQ. you judge how you want it at last. but u wont be dissapointed. πŸ™

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