Grilling Fire Safety Tips

This grilling season, NFPA tests your knowledge and demonstrates the proper way to use your grill safely to prevent fires.


  1. Common sense I always have my water house ready. And I never let the grill go unattended

  2. Have fun grilling, and keep a fire extinguisher close by!

    Oh, and I read that a grill should be at least 10 feet from any structure.

    I wouldn't use one on a wooden deck, either, just as the one lady commented.

  3. Please use something other than standard sample text.

  4. Do you know how far your grill should be from your house or deck railing? Or what happens if the grill won't ignite? The National Fire Protection Association put together a great video answering some grill safety questions:

  5. 'Tis a grand season for grilling (and keeping fire safety in mind)!

    Watch this funny video that shows how little some of us may know about grilling safety:

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