Grilling Grate Steaks with GrillGrates- The Reverse Sear Method

The reverse sear, or sear in the rear has become a very popular method to grill the perfect steak. A slow roast followed by a hot and fast sear delivers bumper to bumper medium rare with a gorgeous sear. Reverse searing is particularly helpful with thicker cuts as it is hard to get the center…


  1. I'm using my oven more and using my grill to finish. basically for ribs or anything that isn't a high temp.

  2. I like your speaking style and how you explain things

  3. I took the same grill an added a charcoal pan way better than gas!!!

  4. I use a similar method but do two things differently. I sear them with the grillgrates upside down – obviously no grill marks but it gives that wonderful brown crust across the entire steak. Also, I use a Weber with a sear burner, and with all the burners cranked it gets very hot. I want to keep my steak medium rare all the way through – so I leave the lid up and keep flipping them while I sear. Results are really good.

  5. That's a sexy grill mark……

  6. That ending was terrible…and the information vauge…Wheres Melcom Reed when you need him ?

  7. I'm about ready to order a replacement set for my Weber Spirit E210. Should I run a replacement sets without the flavorizer bars?

  8. What's the little sleeve you're using for the wood chips? Looks like a much better option than my foil packet slid down between the burner tubes.

  9. I can see some thick cut Tomahawk steaks in my future!

  10. Anybody catch the seasoning he used?  Also, why remove all the salt, wouldn't you just have to salt again when ready to eat?

  11. Why the F would you smoke a steak when sear and then med to low is proven to be the best ever???? Its not a roast dude.

  12. Other than the 20 mins waiting for the grill to reach max temp did you rest the steaks after the sear?

  13. If you have a good smoke flavor on the meat could you just use a cast iron skillet to sear the meat?

  14. Clueless. You'd think it came off a charcoal grill?? Why didn't it?

  15. Got the 3 piece setup of grillgrates for my weber 22 kettle. Is a full chimney of coals, about 100 briquettes, the right amount to get the grates up to or over 500*?

  16. Reverse sear is no good. No technique at all. No restaurant does a reverse year.

  17. Reverse sear is the way to go, but I use the cold grate method. Grill marks suck, I want that brown crust all over the steak not just thin strips of it.

  18. Loooooooove the reverse sear

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