Grilling on Barby! TRUMP, CELLOS and BLUBBER! (Q&A #4) + STUDENT CONTEST!

YOU asked, here’s my answers.
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  1. LOOKIN' MY WAY DOWNTOWN WALKING FAST, FACES PASSED AND I'M HOMEBOUND!!!….. Sorry what were we talking about?

  2. My students were so fascinated when we covered Navajo Nation for Native American Heritage Month (Nov) especially their need for water and the innovations of the youth.

  3. Paul its not only in puertorico its also in Domincan republic (my nation) also here we call it Limoncillo.

  4. the barbadian $50.00 note his name is Sir Errol Barrow is the father of independence , thanks for the mention.

  5. I"m from the Navajo Reservation , shout out to you, keep up the good work!!

  6. Ha ha! Irish accents are so endearing!

  7. Here in Mexico they sell that fruit too ( the one from 2:29 ) in Cancun with the name of guaya.

  8. 0:33 Oh cool – New Zealand also has those transparent bits on their notes like Australia does! Granted, it’s not too surprising, given that New Zealand is basically Australia 2.0, but still – it’s cool that someone other than Australia does it. 🙂

  9. One of the guys from 2CELLOS (Rashad) actually came to my school in ireland

  10. Do not diss Pokemon. Decidueye is a great design

  11. We need to come together and rely on one ideology I’m suggesting COMMUNISM

  12. I respect that you prefer to keep your politics to yourself. Keep up the good work

  13. 3:30 Didn't know that you are a genwunner.

  14. That fruit that is "only found in Puerto Rico" is found almost everywhere in Caribbean

  15. Well, Monument Valley is really nice to visit. I love this place(though I was six when I was there)…

  16. Don't know if anyone mentioned this before but guinep or "ginepa" isn't only found in Puerto Rico. It's found in many Caribbean countries and Central American countries as well.

  17. @GeographyNow

    I'm sure any West Indian can tell you that Kennips aren't only found in Puerto Rico.
    I don't know if the name differs in other Caribbean countries (the English speaking ones at least), but that's what they're called in Dominica (Commonwealth).

    Kennip = Quenepa

  18. you can also find kinepa in colombia

  19. 1:24 that don't incorporate vocals
    I like that description.

    1:33 try Sigur Rós then. They are from Iceland

  20. That kenèp fruit your talking about is called chenet in Trinidad an yea its actually found all over the Caribbean also it's awesome dude I love it… ❤

  21. Carolina Chocolate Drops! Woo! NC represent! At one point I lived in the same neighborhood as Rhiannon Giddens.

  22. Quenepas! we have it too in Colombia but we called mamoncillos than if you translate means little suckers (sorry for the bad english)

  23. I aRe A JeN WuNNer UNsubscriBbLe. Jk you just earned a new sub 😛

  24. Of that right thing was still going on i still could not do it ):

  25. 2:33 i am sad. I have only been to one the U.S but i want to be a citizen of the United Kingdom

  26. Sorry but your Irish accent was quite bad, still funny though

  27. The pokemon killed me 😂😂

  28. If you're getting into instrumental music, have you tried Two Steps from Hell?

  29. I wasn't expecting to hear about quenepas I got so excited!! Quenepas are so good you need to try them

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