Grilling Pizza, a Heat Transfer Problem

If grilling pizza strikes you as a bad idea, you’re not alone. But Cook’s Illustrated suggested it could be done and we were able to back up their results with simulations, so we had to try grilling our own pizza. Watch the video to see how our “backyard pizza grilling” experiment turned…


  1. A more productive use of that triangular briquette @2:36 would be tossed back in the grill bottom and used as fuel. "Delicious!"

  2. or …. use a pizza stone ?

  3. This is a brilliant video. But how many briquettes are used? That looks like way more than a single chimney full.

  4. I used COMSOL in a way similar to this video to model/simulate baking bread in an industrial tunnel oven. My simulation was my doctoral dissertation, and is online in the OhioLINK Electronic Theses & Dissertations Center website. The title is "CFD and Heat Transfer Models of Baking Bread in a Tunnel Oven", and the author is Raymond Matthew Adamic.

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