Healthy Camp Meals Intro with Beef, Red Lentills, Ground Corn, and Peas

Many of my friends know, and some who have heard me make the statement that I don’t care for Mountain House, or freeze dried foods in general, have asked me what I use as an alternative. This is my response and is the intro to a series over the coming weeks and months that I will be doing on…


  1. Ate Paleo for about a year. For me, I switched to a "whole food diet". Every ingredient has only 1 ingredient. Allows for potato and rice. Meats, vegis, fruits and nuts. Basic spices only too. Cool channel, man.

  2. I'm going to have to look into red lentils as I love beans. Most of my meals have some type of bean as a side vegetable. Thanks for motivating me to eat healthier!

  3. I've been primal/paleo for almost 5 years now and really enjoyed this, Joe! I make my own pemmican, jerky and parched corn for for quick trial food. Gotta experiment with some other meals meals like this. Great job here!

  4. thank you thank you for the gift while I was there 🙂

  5. Like? You bet!      IMO, Mountain House & other brands simply equal convenience. While I don't have any facts & figures for backup, I know homemade is less expensive. Have been using an Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator for years. Running it fully loaded for a few hours & up to 24 can't cost as much as a single package of the more expensive convenience packs. Herbs, for example, take only short period of time, at a low temp setting. One full load produces a lot of seasoning for many meals. 

    Buying (if not growing) in bulk and processing in bulk, reduces cost per meal. Buying on sale & seasonal another factor to hold down homemade costs. Vac sealing in mason jars does the same thing. For a trip, take out amount needed, & reseal the jar. Use ziplocks and/or repurposed small plastic containers reduces the expense of vac seal bags.

    If individual items, water resistance is a must have, even paper containers can be satisfactory on the short term. Fold a piece of paper to form a "envelope" around ingredient. (Paper = unused return addressed envelopes, white copier paper, waxed/parchment/freezer paper, etc.) Fringe benefit, leftover paper packets can be used for fire starting or simply burned, unlike plastics.  

    On another note, if matching ingredients listed on a commercial product (excluding items with unpronounceable names), proportions of ingredients can be changed to suit tastes. Add more of the desirable ingredient and less of the "filler". To illustrate: A little finger, fingernail sized chunk of pork does not equal pork & beans, IMO. 

    Looking forward to seeing how you expand upon this series from several viewpoints. Healthy, economical along with moving towards more self-reliance & independence, in general. Yes, there ARE alternatives to Roman noodles and commercially packaged "survival" foods. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. 

  6. I had know idea we could send him care packages.  I've been letting my buddy starve.  :0

  7. That looks good and I may try red lentils in my cooking now. Going to be doing a similar series to this on my channel… just less healthy. Though delicious none the less.

  8. "Insta grits"? Who knew there was such a thing? Good video Joe.

  9. a healthy sick to your ribs meal !

  10. Looks really good and healthy, thanks 4 sharing mate. Cheers Marc

  11. Some great tips there mate and it looked tasty too!
    Atb, Jonny.

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