Hobo Stew | Backpack Camp Meal Recipe Cooking

Cooking easy and delicious one pot meal with potatos and sausage over a camp fire. Another one of my FAVOURITE bushcraft recipe for cooking in the wilderness for backpacking ,camping, hiking ,biking .It is tasty ,delicious and very satiating. Try it and you will see.

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  1. What is the grill you use?

  2. Knife used please? Thank you.

  3. WOW what brand knife was that you used to split your wood that can take that kind of pounding, that's sweet !!

  4. What kind of pot is that? I think I have something similar. Great vid

  5. 무얼해먹어도 맛있겠네요^&/

  6. Yum satisfying…I am loving your videos 100%

  7. That was a pretty cool video.

  8. Simple and peaceful video, ?

  9. That's a tasty looking stew! New Subscriber to your Channel!

  10. What sort of sausage do you use in your videos?

  11. You did a good job on this video. Ray

  12. My brother has just made me a little wood burning stove for boiling a kettle of water to save using gas and electric. I am now venturing into cooking on the stove. Your channel is giving me some great ideas. Thankyou.

  13. Hi Where can I find that seasoning kit

  14. If you wanted the stew thicker could you add flour when the potatoes went in? Just curious.

  15. I just noticed this, is the container for your oil a 2 liter bottle before they inflate it?

  16. Ive just stumbled upon your videos snd I think they are great. Looking forward to doing more camping now that my son is older. I have a couple of questions for you (sorry if they seem stupid, im quite new to this). Is that a specific type of knife you used to split and quarter the logs? And what do you use for a fire starter? If seen it in a few of your videos, white fabric looking stuff. Thank you so much, and keep up the great work.

  17. hi. what is the name of the pot and where to buy?

  18. curious about the knife you are using to split wood

  19. What kind of sausage are you using

  20. Love it, reminds me when I was a kid playing out in the woods ? good stuff…….

  21. Food always tastes better when it’s outdoors,
    nice video!

  22. Can I use beef/chicken broth instead of water?

  23. What kinda knife do you use batoing

  24. the food always tastes better when it was cooked outside. Nice video

  25. Watching your video's is so relaxing and I can almost smell the aroma. I like the wooden spoon, it doesn't make any noise. New subscriber here !

  26. In Spain we call that "papas guisadas con carne" and we add pork meat instead of sausages. An easy and dellicious recipe.
    There's a variant called "papas a la navarra" with chistorra (you can use chorizo if you can't find chistorra)

  27. What kind of saw andvknife did you use?

  28. Great video! Is the red pepper cayenne pepper or paprika?

  29. I can already taste that with some good old rice

  30. This is just like peaceful cuisine only more real

  31. Just found your channel and LOVE your videos. Love the format, no talking or loud music, and hearing nature in the background. The grate piece you use over your campfire looks so familiar, but for the life of me I can't remember where I have seen one. I feel sure it is a recycled piece from something else. Can you tell me what it is? Thanks! New Sub and will be binge watching to catch up. 🙂

  32. I love that rectangle grill. Did you build it or buy it? I need one for myself

  33. Hi there, I would like to ask you (vek0) what kind of cooking grazte you are using ? I wonder how I get this and where….
    btw. great videos with cooking. I like them 🙂

  34. Awesome video, thanks for that. Can you tell me, what the name of the cooking pot is, because I'm searching for one myself and this one seems legit.

  35. What kind of Knife is used to make that kindling?

  36. Cooking is great, I would love to cook in such conditions with a bunch of friends 😀

  37. Just found your videos, completely new to backpacking and camp cooking and you've definitely given me some ideas what to pack. May try a few of these at home, they look awesome! Thanks. Subscribed. 🙂

  38. I'm your new subscriber

  39. As a college student, I eat this everyday because college kids are typically hobos, but I never get tired of it!Its so good. This and the sausage rice are my favorite

  40. The Knife you used to cut/chop the wood with, what kind of knife is that?? It Looks Super Thick

  41. Even for a person like me that stays almost all his life in his house, that fresh air just makes it so much better.

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