May 2


Homemade Texas Brisket Sausage Pit Barrel Cooker How-To BBQ Champion Harry Soo

By Harry Soo

May 2, 2021

Pit Barrel Cooker

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Viewer request on question of what does Harry do with leftover brisket trimmings and fat. Here is a simple Texas-style hot sausage with minimal ingredients. Click “SHOW MORE” for all the information links!!!
For 6 lb of ground brisket add 1.5% salt by weight which is 1.5 oz or 42 grams or 2 heaping tablespoon regular table salt
Make sure your ground brisket is about 30% fat and 70% lean meat
1.5 Tablespoon paprika for color
3 Tablespoon coarse black pepper
½ Tablespoon hot cayenne pepper
1 cup cold water

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  1. It looks like you over stuffed. I use a needle from an insulin syringe to prick casings. Also when you smoke as soon as it tenps pull it and put it in ice water. It will keep casings from getting too hard.

  2. Just wanted too thank you. I bought a grinder this morning. Watched your video and made sausages with the trimmings I would normally throw out. It came out great. Your video was very helpful for a first timer like me.

  3. Nice video Harry! The one bit of advice I would love to share speaking from experience, is get a heavy duty grinder from Cabela's, Bass Pro or LEM and a stuffer as well and you will find that sausage making is so much more of a pleasurable experience. Cheers!

  4. Hi Harry, do you know of any machine that chops/minces the meat instead of grind. Im trying to make a certain asian sausage that requires chopping the meat.

  5. I'm making it! Off to Costco for the brisket! I'm a sausage maker and I wanted to make a good beef sausage. I'm excited and I'm going to serve them with grilled peppers and onions. Thanks Harry!

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