How Set Up a Gas Grill for Low and Slow Smoking | How To Smoke On A Gas Grill with Malcom Reed

How Set Up a Gas Grill for Low and Slow Smoking

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How to setup a gas grill for low and slow smoking. You can turn just about any grill into a smoker if you have the right info.

Basically you are creating a 2-zone fire. You…


  1. Goddamn your a genius barbequer if that's even a word

  2. This is the video I've been searching for! Great job! I'm a subscriber now!

  3. Buddy, I'm a man not quite as big as you, but with your BBQ advice… I'll catch up fast. Great tips. I liked and subscribed

  4. Anyone else hearing the high-pitch squeaking? RIP earphone users…

  5. Check out for custom blends and rubs for the items you smoke

  6. Pellet boy…stick to wood chips folks

  7. Great video! Thanks for the tips, buddy!!

  8. I have a 2-burner Weber Spirit II and I cannot get the temp below 325-ish, without propping the lid up a few inches, and propping the lid up gets me to 225, but the smoke is inconsistent. I'm using a wedge type smoking box

  9. If possible try guava wood chips the best for flavor imo ive tried them all lol

  10. What is your bbq works with burners in front and rear? Which would you leave on? The front burner or the rear one for meat like brisket?

  11. Is that 250 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit?

  12. Lol man look at them glasses! Love you my guy!

  13. What is that high pitched ass noise. Fix your shit.

  14. Hey dude, im try to find a built in bbq propane grill for apartament with 2 burners, do you recomend one for me?
    its important: Without smoke

  15. Glad I came across this video. I wanted to ask- do you suggest wet chips or dry? And also can you use a mini aluminum pan covered in foil sat on top of the grate to get the same result?

  16. Cheapest,professional smoke generator!
    Made of polished stainless steel.

  17. Liquid smoke and water works dam good to better then I thought

  18. Google smoke & awe, much better than any smoke box on the market! Don't need to soak your chips and can get smoke for a solid 45-60 minutes.

  19. I've tried this with various cuts of chicken and ribs. All I ever end up getting is dried up meat with zero smoke flavor. I was hoping this would be a convenient alternative to my smoker but it just doesn't add any smoke flavor no matter if I do for several hours or all day.

  20. Thanks for these videos! Do you recommend soaking the chips first if you are doing the foil/basket method below the grate, or even in the tube? Or do you smoke them dry?

  21. Cheers mate, trying your method in the U.K here.

  22. Glad to see i got the right brand! Just had to give up my Weber Performer charcoal grill as my new apartment building does not allow charcoal :(. Got a Napoleon rouge 425 had it for a few weeks now. I love the fact that both side tables fold down (even the one with the side burner) as my balcony is tight. Had it for a couple weeks i got no complaints…but it makes me feel like i made the right choice that it has your stamp of approval. can't wait till next weekend for my first attempt at smoking on it

  23. When a man as large as yourself speaks of BBQ… I listen very carefully 😀 Great video TY!

  24. Planning on using my small 2 burner gas grill tomorrow to smoke a pork butt for the first time. I tested it out today, and within 5 minutes my grill is over 300 degrees. I only have one burner going at the lowest setting. If I prop open the lid I can cook it some, but then all the smoke escapes. Any tips?

  25. Amazing grill.>>>   Came on perfect timing to grill some dinner. And definitely had an awesome memorable time bbq with family on the 4th:) Easy assembly and high quality grill!

  26. Cool , thanks for the video !

  27. i just got the same grill and i did the tin foil method with some chips I bought at Home Depot and it worked great!

  28. I want to try smoking with my gas grill but my wife does not like the smoke taste, what would be the best way to clean a gas grill so my wife won't taste a smoke flavor on her food?

  29. Was wondering if I wanted to place an ambient probe to get the right temperature reading where would I place it at on the side where I would be putting my ribs, indirect side?

  30. You the man! I'm still using that tip about how to trim your ribs, and my family goes crazy over the rib tips they cook faster.

  31. I smoke on my Weber Genesis propane grill pretty much every week. It works great. I run the left burner and cook on the right side of the grill. I've found I can easily maintain anywhere from 225 up with no issues with this grill. I use an A-maze-n 12" tube smoker for smoking and it works fantastic. I often will cold smoke my meats over ice while waiting for them to come up to room temp using the tube in the grill. Once up to room temp I pull the meat out, reload the tube, and fire up the left burner on high to get the temp up faster. I then back it down to maintain the temp I want to cook at and start smoking. On 2 hour smokes you can light both ends of the tube and double the smoke output. I've smoked everything from wings, to turkey breasts, to hams, to butts, to brisket with this setup and it's terrific. Anyone who says you can't turn out great smoky food on a gas grill doesn't know what they're talking about.

  32. I am sure that you will find good way to make it on woodprix Webpage.

  33. that's awesome, thanks for the tip.  I love to grill but always had a gas grill.  Now I can smoke my stuff.  I've already watched your rib rub vid, definitely going to try that.

  34. how long it takes the packet to burn and start putting smoke ?

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