1. useless video.. nothing to learn lol

  2. You love your drinks don’t you 😜

  3. Understand the BBQ need to be cleaned for hygiene reasons but never heard of food taste better on a cleaned BBQ 😏😂😏

  4. Why do people try to make a huge production? Get to the darn point, don't waste our time.

  5. thanks for info, yet I found it so sad that you drank so much– implies that much alcohol is cool.

  6. What the F we bbq all year not just two months some people's kids

  7. That’s not a BBQ. It’s a damn grill. Not wasting anymore time here

  8. This looks like the authentic %100 white millennial way to clean your grill…

  9. Can you show us how to clean a Window in a Gas Grill please??

  10. How to clean your BBQ better than ever and with minimal effort.
    1. Remove greasy dirty plates with old meat and marinade attached.
    2. Place plates in a large ants nest, bull ants or fire ants work best.
    3. Hose off the plates no soap needed as they will be totally dry of everything.
    4. Have another BBQ and remember that's why nature is there to support you and why cows taste so good.

    No this is not a troll, I actually do this.

  11. Quit all the talking and get to the point of cleaning the bbq!

  12. I normally clean my insides as I'm cooking. If I drank while cleaning, not sure how food would taste…

  13. You just showed up the beauty of your body, not the actual cleaning of the barbecue grill, just saying honestly

  14. I managed to actually watch the whole video now I need a drink.

  15. Next show How to clean a BBC

  16. we wanna see how to clean the bbq, not her face for the whole time, such annoying video

  17. Thanx. I just got given a free bbq.
    The only catch is its greasy as

  18. My entire grill is stainless steel :'(

  19. >>>ur2.pl/1095 Great grill for the money….had my first Coleman Road Trip grill for about 15 years….this only is easier to set up then the old one….folds up and fits in one of the storage compartments in our motorhome…

  20. Looked like an excuse for her to suck down some margaritas

  21. Her grill isn't dirty like my 8 year old Q.

  22. Is your recipe for home degreaser sufficient for cleaning the grill of grease? Seems like someone said dawn is really really good for it. Just wondering

  23. It is not barbecuing. It is Grilling.

  24. Time for a Drink!!! you clean the way I do! great job

  25. Ha… We grill in the Fall and Snow we don't care here in the North

  26. Gave my meat a good ol rub

  27. How come no one mentions the amount of RUST on those grates!!!

    It will take you about 2 days to scrub the rust off to bare metal if ur lucky and know what your doing but forget that let's just focus on her tight shorts.

  28. Trying to be way too “cutesy”. And what’s with the drinking bit? Couldn’t watch the whole thing. This girl is trying to hard. Just get to the nitty gritty and drop the cutesy crap

  29. Holy crap…the actual cleaning action wasn't until well after half way through the video, what is this? Let me see how you clean the grill please, that's why I'm here, OMG! Show 5 seconds of actually cleaning, and the rest talking on camera. Bad video is bad….sorry.

  30. She got to the phucking point at 2:35, you’re welcome.

  31. Melissa can I buy you a drink?

  32. I. Love the video saves me alot on my grill and rate you 5 star rating on your video

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