How to Grill a Tomahawk Ribeye Steak – Best Method

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  1. Aged beef does have a unique taste. I've always thought it to be a little nutty in flavor. A 60 day age is quite a bit and the flavor is an acquired taste. For someone not familiar; a 28 day to 45 Day age maybe more pateable. Let me know if you agree. Awesome cook of a great (maybe one of the best) steaks.

  2. I think you should have featured Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble as you're Sous chefs. It's been a long time since I've had 60 day aged prime rib you really brought back good memories.

  3. I bet Beag is still trying to dig a deep enough hole to bury that bone, ain’t he? ? ?

    Love the bloopers! Laughter makes the world go ‘round, and a good laugh is healthy all day long. You and Shan make good laughs, thanks for sharing some of them with us folks! ? You know, they don’t have a ‘moji pretty enough for Shan, and not sweet enough, neither. You two are blessed with one another, it does the heart good to see such. I so miss my soulmate. But I keep his memory with me, so I always have some of him with me. He was Texas through and through, treated me like I was solid gold. That man’s heart is the reason God made the Texas sky so big, and I was truly blessed to have been loved by him. You and Shan are two fine people the Lord put together ~~><~~><~~><~~><~~><~~><~~><~~

  4. That meat is very very expensive. Bet it’s really good though.

  5. Top/crust look delish, but I can’t eat red meat. Mine steak has to be well, well, well done inside. No red anywhere. Js

  6. I like to age even big buck deer a month in the Virginia mountains on my ranch! 5 to 30 degrees usually in narrow ravine valleys. Makes even a 6yr old + tender and sweet!
    My pet 500 lb boar bear has manners and he gets the ribs and rest after the big meat comes off!
    I miss the SW but it's good here by the McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail grew up here!

  7. Oh wow, I've got family in Hollis, Oklahoma! That Tomahawk made my mouth water!!

  8. ? i miss steak so much ?

    I'm currently saving $$ for rent & i can't afford real food

  9. Those steaks looked awesome! I'm going to order some for New years dinner. My family will love them. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. My best method is an instant read thermometer. Great for consistency!

  11. This video was worth seeing again. From 200k subscribers to now over 782k … on the way to 1 MM.

  12. Road kill on occasion … Kent you got me fallen about laughing.  Thanks !

  13. Love it.. Kent.. You need to make a whole Bloopers video !!!!

  14. OMG!!! Sign this red meat gal up for one of them big fellers!

  15. I would love to see you do all sorts of wild game, Venison, pheasant, rabbit, Squirrel, quail, partridge, turkey, etc.   I'm thinking of a marinade for wild turkey using wild turkey.  keep in mind that I really dislike cheese, so if you can refrain from using cheese with these it would be very much appreciated.

  16. ey you didnt give the beagle a taste

  17. Love the bloopers, you two have so much fun that’s great , that’s what it’s all about ???

  18. Beautiful view Kent. Not a New build housing estate in sight like in the UK where I’m seeing.

  19. Carmel i zation.
    I will never say it any other way again.

  20. My favorite one yet!! Omg lmao.. I love the ends of your vids

  21. $120.20 EACH steak! $240.40 for those two Tomahawks, and that's only the 30-day dry-age. That's insanely expensive. I wish I was rich… 🙁

  22. The longer beef ages it tends to take on a blue cheese type flavor profile. This is why blue cheese sauce or crumbles are a popular way to serve.
    If you do use a thermometer, try to find a thin shafted, instant-read thermometer. It does the least damage. 🙂

  23. Those twice baked potatoes and grilled asparagus would be good with this

  24. Gosh dang it kent!! Killin it!! Thanks for teaching me what my dad should have

  25. I know I heard you right Cowboy Kent, but I’m still in a state of shock! That supreme ribeye steak on the bone is absolutely scrumptious. Prime, marbled, thick cut, ribeye; slightly dry-aged, and still on the bone for that perfect heat control and extra flavor — a better piece of steak is simply impossible. Now, you combine all that with years of cowboy grillin’ experience/know-how and we’re a talkin’ American cuisine at its unbeatable best. ?????? I sure want one of those for Christmas. ?

  26. YOU ROCK !! love your channel!

  27. A little bit blood in to my veggie don't up set me

  28. Great as always! You are currently my go-to chef! Quality material! Cheers!

  29. Best end credits so far! Loved it!!

  30. I sear it first for a minute or two and slow cook cook it to seal in the juices . I like mine rare after medium rare is the most cooked . If you get dunner than that it`s ruined . I use the touch method too.

  31. Would it be ok to wrap the Tomahawk in pink butcher paper? My local grocer got butcher paper in addition to foil.

  32. Skip to 4:30 for the best part of the whole video…..a view south into Texas-by-Gawd!

  33. Doing it backwards is weird but hell it works, usually a professional chefs puts the char/crust and finishes it in an oven….. But wow. Your technique is astounding.

  34. I never used a thermometer on any meat, I cut into chicken to check it, but not my steaks or roast

  35. What, no happy dance?? I don't know. Prime beef must no be that good.. Just trying to be funny. Love your videos guys.

  36. I had two of my friends nex door just cook a couple of these on the grill like you said they was rare I like a little bit of blood running in to Vegies good stuff

  37. If they knew what you did to them steaks they wouldn't have sent them to you.

  38. Whenever i need a good chuckle i just watch cowboy kents acting.

  39. ALWAYS so fun to watch!~ and learn..;)

  40. That's what city chefs call the reverse sear method. Searing the surface cones last. This worked because the foil kept in the juices. But searing first over a very hot fire seals in the juices too.

  41. OHHHH to have you come cook for my wedding reception would be a dream come true!

  42. I want to see this guy do a video with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He'll be cooking steaks, and then Steve shows up with his cooler.

  43. All Beagle wants for Christmas each year is one of these, wrapped in foil and under the tree

  44. It’s not cooked enough for me

  45. You guys are the best!!! God bless!!

  46. how bout a bratwurst recipe kent.

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