How to Grill Rice | Easy Grilling Tips

It is so simple to make perfect rice on the grill using foil cooking packets!

Simple tips, tricks and techniques to make your outdoor cooking easier!

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  1. Getting ready for Dorian haha!

  2. Your video was a life saver! We don't have electricity due to Hurricane Irma. My husband was extremely impressed the rice came out as good as it did! Thank you!! I used brown rice

  3. Gary, that's an awesome tip 🙂  Can't wait to try this one myself!

  4. Someone at Jiffy Pop is asking; "Why didn't we think of this"?  This is on my agenda! 

  5. Really neat. Thanks 🙂

  6. That's a useful tip! Thumbs Up! 

  7. Wow, great tip! Thanks.

  8. Cool video Gary. This is interesting. Thanks for sharing

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