How to Grill Salmon Steaks and Fillets | Food Network

Grilling perfect salmon is easy with these simple steps. We cover the major dos and don’ts, from the grocery store all the way to the dinner table.

Check out the step-by-step photo gallery:

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  1. Great video. As with any on here, I used it as a starting point. I dried and seasoned atlantic salmon fillets with kolsher salt, then used a healthy amt of lemon pepper. I had just grilled burgers, so the grates were nice and oily. I left the grill lid open, allowing he coals to breathe and heat up. I cooked skin side down for 7 mins bc i like fish more well done than most folks. I flipped them fine with a kitchen spatula, and cooked the bare side for about 5 mins. …Best atlantic salmon I've ever had!! Thank you

  2. Most importantly..

    Use a Propane Grill

  3. the skin is the best…crunchy goodness

  4. Excellent! Perfection!

  5. Cut that salmon in half, I want to see how it's grilled.

  6. How is wild salmon more sustainable?!!!!

  7. 6-10 minutes? Maybe per side, but there is no way its 3-5 minutes per side unless the heat is really cranked up to 600+f (for a 1" filet)

  8. Dubious claim that wild salmon is better flavor and very dubious that it is more sustainable

  9. How to grill soup, anyone?

  10. On this episode of hackjob salmon,…

  11. Tip: Use the broiler in your oven. It's the same as a gas grill and it makes less of a mess. Also, your grill won't smell like fish for an eternity.

  12. Cook skin side down more than 70% with small scoring cuts only through the skin. This will help you from over cooking the fish.

  13. Wait, I thought you cook with the skin down.

  14. Is it 10 minutes on each side or 10 minutes total?

  15. Yes, you should eat the skin! Most people recommend it! It makes fish even more delicious!

  16. Thanks for the tip it really help

  17. Wonderful simplicity! Thanks for sharing

  18. How to grill salmon. Put it on a grill until it's cooked. Lol

  19. Looks farm raised, artificially colored crap.

  20. From the little I know of cooking fish on a grill, nice job and good tips through. My only suggestion for cooks out there is to use a utensil that goes under the meat to flip, not pushing it like tongs or spatulas. It's easier to control the food and helps prevent tearing of meat, especially chicken and fish.

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