How To Grill The Perfect Burger. Grilling Tricks That Will Change How You Cook

Often when grilling burgers you end up with burnt pieces of charcoal tasting bland dry beef. I wanted to go over a few cool and simple tricks to getting delicious, meaty, juicy, steak-like burgers on the grill.

Ground Beef (the fattier the better)

Form the…


  1. Pple are mean 😆 thanks for the vid.

  2. I think you don't have to put any seasoning on them. If cooked good they will taste 👍

  3. Mate what the fuck are these

  4. If you are using a gas grill then you are not doing it right.

  5. how'd this guy get 1.4m viewers?

  6. Everybody relax. He meant meatballs.

  7. This is what happens when someone watches to many tv cooking shows

  8. That’s sausage patty’s

  9. There's a party I would gladly skip… lame!

  10. This is a beautiful grill! Very deluxe.>>>   I got both of my sons one for Christmas and there’s been no complaints!

  11. Whoa!!!! That is WAY too much salt for a burger.

  12. What the fuck?, I wanna punch the person that told you to grill like that

  13. Lmao where the cheese at Napoleon dynamite

  14. LOL I wonder how many hairs are found in this guy's cooking.

  15. You're forgetting the dimple. Putting a dimple in the center will keep them from swelling up like a baseball.

  16. I'd have to eat 4 of those to equal a full hamburger

  17. What is the name of the meat you buy ?

  18. The burgers look like meat balls

  19. You have to flatten out the burger dude….the flavor still stays. The shit your making would go great with spaghetti

  20. Thought for sure you was gonna smash them

  21. They look like meatballs

  22. Long-haired hippy freak…….

  23. he had to make little burgers. look at that baby propane tank he has hooked up it can't heat up big burgers you guys..

  24. Is this your school project or what?

  25. just because you can post a video doesn't make you an expert. those look like meatballs. and they don't have very good color when cooked.

  26. the hell makes burgers in an oven, just not right man lol. good vid tho

  27. If you're making Sliders this might be good. Otherwise, you don't have a clue dude.

  28. this video was mind boggling. THANK YOU!

  29. Are these mini burgers? I like my burgers big and thin. I form meat into a patty like you have done and then I take a rolling pin to them. I like about a quarter inch thickness.

  30. OMG the hair!! amazing

  31. you better have some tiny ass buns for them meatballs.

  32. This is a good video on what NOT to do.

  33. why so much negativity in the comments? come on people, quit acting like children. nobody is perfect and nobody should be.  I love watching this guy and his brother cook; always informative, fun, and down to earth.

  34. OMG u r kidding me ! These tiny balls never ever should be called Perfect Burger !

  35. That grill looks shit..You got ripped

  36. you should flatten yet round out the patty…. and push a little indent in the middle of one side so it flattens out as it cooks and you can top it without them slipping off the sides :/

  37. those are meatballs on a bun. learn to correctly make patties!

  38. I feel the best burger is flat and as big as you can get it. They tend to shrink I usually think about 6 inches around is a decent size. also what is the type of grill you're using I like it ?

  39. you should always finish the burgers on the grill!!

  40. I clicked off the video the moment he tries to tell everyone that salt will pull the juices out…..I always use salt and pepper, and my burgers are some of the juicest you'll ever try. make a real hamburger bro, not those tiny meatball burgers

  41. You got to be kidding about not putting salt in your HB meats before you cook them? That’s why many of the restaurants “brine” their chickens and meats. SALT holds in juices!!

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