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How to Hang Ribs | Hanging Ribs on a Vertical Drum Smoker

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February 11, 2021

Pit Barrel Cooker

Hanging Ribs | How to Hang Ribs for Smoking on a Drum Smoker

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For this hanging ribs technique you’ll need a drum smoker, a hanging ring, and some meat hooks.

Take the ribs right out of the package; square the racks up by removing the last bone on each end; then pull off the membrane and any thick fat on the bone side.

Season each side with a light dose of Killer Hog’s The BBQ Rub followed with a light layer of my Killer Hog’s Hot Rub.

Next, insert a stainless meat hook between the 1 stand 2nd rib on the larger bone end. The ribs are ready for the smoker; just let them hang out on the cutting board until the smoker is up to temp.

To start a fire in the drum, fill the charcoal basket about ¾ full with good lump coal. In the middle place a couple paraffin wax starter cubes and place the basket in the drum. Light the starter cubes and allow the fire to burn for about 20 minutes with the lid off intake vents open. Replace the lid and adjust the vents so the cooking temperature comes up to 300⁰.

As the temperature stabilizes, place a few chunks of Pecan and Cherry wood on the fire and set up the rib hanger. Place the ribs on the hanger and be sure to space them out evenly. The ribs need to hang in the smoker for about 2 hours. Every 20 minutes remove the lid and rotate the hanger a quarter turn.

This keeps one slab from cooking more than another; it’s all about even cooking.

After 2 hours the ribs develop a great mahogany color. You’ll also notice that they’re starting to pull back a little on the bone ends. This is the point where they need to be wrapped. Be sure to use a pair of heat resistant gloves and carefully remove each slab from the hanger. Go ahead and pull the hanger out of the pit at this point. It’s job is done.

To wrap the ribs heat up 8oz of The BBQ Sauce mixed with ¼ cup of Apple Juice.
Tear off enough aluminum foil to completely wrap each slab individually. Place the ribs bone down on the foil, brush with warm sauce and flip. Brush the bone side with sauce and pour 2 Tablespoons of Apple Juice along the side. Close the foil around the ribs and crimp the ends. Repeat this for each slab.

Place the standard cooking rack on the drum and lay the wrapped ribs on the rack meat side down.

Continue to cook the ribs for 1 hour. At this point tenderness should be just about perfect. Take the ribs off the drum and back inside. Carefully fold down the foil, and flip the ribs over to where the meat side is facing up. Brush each slab with a little more sauce and return them to the drum for 5-10 minutes to set the glaze.

To cut the ribs, flip them meat side down on the cutting board and use a sharp knife. Slice each rack into 1 bone sections and get ready to sink your teeth into one delicious rib.

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  1. No 'Killer Hog' for sale on the shelves in Oregon so I used Malcom's technique with a basic 4-4 rub (equal parts coarse salt, pepper, brown sugar and smoked paprika). Only difference was I cooked at 275F and after 3.5 hours the result was fantastic. Malcom does know how to cook!

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