How to Hot Smoke Fish- Primitive Style

Learn how to hot smoke any kind of fish over a fire in your backyard. This is the method used by Dave and I on ALONE Season 4. Please leave your comments below and hit the LIKE button! Subscribe to join us 😉



  2. Always keep the fish guts to use them in a craw-fish cage,overnight,in Montana"lake Mary Ronan",we had a feast with those all the time(with tiny ones,use them as live bait,for large lake Trouts ,also unless you want dry Salmon-jerky,leave the skin on,before smoking it,more tender,and you can use triangle of skin as a "spinner"for fishing,on a hook,Native Trouts love it(cut-throat)…..I spent 8 month in MONTANA,in a friend's cabin,just living off the lake(April/November)had to go but,best time of my life……

  3. With no electricity, where did you get the ice from? In a survival situation, what do you suggest is there is no snow/ice around?

  4. I've never been camping. So it looks more delicious……

  5. yummy 🙂
    smoked loxs
    by the way thats like a 50$ meal like if bought it in the store…..

  6. Awesome! I'm going to have to try that!

  7. I think Brook is awesome!! You go girl!!

  8. Nice channel! Thank you, def subscribed!

  9. I'm not very good with seafood. But that salmon sure looks delicious !

  10. Wow. That hot smoked salmon looks totally delicious. Dear lord, you know how to cook every which way. That so cool . Good to see Dave too. 😺💞 Oh I have some smoked salmon.. that will be dinner. 👍😺

  11. Thanx.looks good but you left out the details that count,like how long etc.

  12. How do you stay so skinny!! You are always eating!!… 🙂 However I see you apparently have not built a solar dehydrator….. or this one… please excuse my amatuerish work…. 🙂 Keep up the great work. I always stop by your channel… I hope you are enjoying this summer, and I hope you are not getting blasted with the heatwave that the valley is experiencing!… ciao…

  13. Minecraft in real life. P.S I bet your place is so cozy I would live there if it was a camp.

  14. How long will the jerky last?? Weeks or years???

  15. A full plate of hot-smoked fish…. so how many minutes would that last you? LOL Once I get munching on smoked salmon, I just can't seem to stop till it's all gone!

  16. I'm so jealous of you 2, i want a marriage like you…

  17. I liked her better on alone. This is annoying.

  18. I dont think you need to get anything ready for smoking, you sound like you've been smoking the whole time lol

  19. I’m going to try this method with trout. Thanks for the help doll

  20. How is stainless steel, ice cubes, and styrofoam "primitive"? I think you mean smoking fish in your back yard or just outside of your kitchen…not primitive.

  21. This is why you dont smoke meth. KIDS DONT DO DRUGS

  22. Sadly most of the salmon we have in our stores is farm raised. I don't trust our food chain at all.

  23. I love your video it was so well put together , your attitude is so cool ! Thanks for the vid

  24. I used to live in the U P of Michigan. Lived there for 4 years in the Air Force. I had all the natural world right outside my front door! Unfortunately I was a pretty bad alcoholic and didn't get out there to enjoy it as much as I should have. They say that living with regret is not good, but still…………………….

  25. Yo is that the lady from Alone?

  26. if you don't have a salt… it is good too or ?

  27. Try a wet blanket wrapped around the top 1/3 of of the heat cone. Cheers

  28. She's been smoking more than Salmon.

  29. Thanks for a great video =) <3

  30. So hpw long can the food last?

  31. Suddenly i feel like that dude in into the wild

  32. Too much work, lose more calories than you take in.

  33. did you wash your hands after playing with the dog? where do you get water from for sanitation purposes?

  34. Happy Thanksgiving Brooke and family

  35. The comments on soaking the wood chips overnight to make more smoke is right on, also you can try keeping a spray bottle of water on hand to keep the fire from flaming up, or to keep those alder bark walls from catching. I've heard, but never tried, using a Dakota fire pit for the smoker. You can use a flat rock to control the intake of air to keep the flames down.

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