How to make a Hobo Dinner – Quick and Easy Delicious Camp Fire Meal

Here’s how to make a great meal right on the fire. A hobo dinner is quick and easy. Meat, potatoes, vegetables, butter, and some seasoning is all you need to have delicious meal.





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    Everything is good until you do one little thing they dont agree with, then they go Batshit crazy.. and they never consider to have it the mans way

  3. Hi Leo, watch my recipe & give your valuable comments.

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  9. My grandfather was a REAL train-hopping hobo back in the forties. This is a far cry from how actual hobo life was in those days. Also, I am sure that his main knife/cooking utensil was nothing more than a small Old Timer pocketknife'

  10. I wonder if you could put all that same stuff in the foil and cook it inside of a Crock-Pot I don't know if anybody's ever tried that? Or instead of a Crock-Pot can't you just put it on a charcoal grill and close the lid I would think that would work just as well

  11. As a kid, i lived in Fort Worth Texas and i used to hunt crawdads for the Hobos that congregated down by the Trinity river.I used to sit by their fire and listen to their stories about their close encounters with railroad cops or listen to their personal philosophies.I enjoyed their company and their food until one by one they moved on.The ones i met were good people that simply wanted to live free.

  12. Is it possible to have too many knives???

  13. Story of my life hahhaha! "Bought a new knife"

  14. this was awesome looked yummy! thanks for sharing

  15. I would prefer salmon or maybe chicken but that would do. Maybe some more spices and olive oil instead of butter. If Amy kicked me out I'd end up getting arrested cooking my hobo dinner in the park. LOL. Cool video. -Scott

  16. Add a couple leaves of some greens on the bottom and you burn less of the veggies down there!

  17. i am on my sons imbox at moment as i cannot comment on mine ive not one set up lol..i also make these too , try a bit of apple and a few sweet red peppers when cooking ham…i also make shrimp and sea food ones of these to ..i cook the rice boiled 1st drain then add shrimps prawns etc black pepper little salt sea food doesnt need a lot of cooking ….time

  18. a campfire food we always have is a fish stew sort of thing you just chop fish up with whateveryou want to then just chuck on the fire for 30 to 40 mins, Delicious

  19. I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to spend time on anything but going to try this on the stove with Old Bay Spice instead and chicken

  20. So stew in tin foil. Got it.

  21. Great vid M8… I would have started the fire before I started to prep the meal. That way I would already have a bed of hot coals when prep done. I'm all about GIT R DUN!!!

  22. Nice. Think i'll make this tonight for dinner. Looks great. I liked and subed to your channel and hope you will check mine out as well. Thanks for sharing this. My son will be amazed I can cook anything other than hotcakes and hotdogs. lol.

  23. LOL you got kicked out because you bought another knife! Love it!! I make meals like this all the time when I am up at camp. Outstanding! I also do this with breakfast just spray the foil first and put eggs in there with all the fixin's and potatoes etc. Take care, Dawn

  24. that looks damned good! missouri is looking beautiful by the way, so green. havent been there in many years.

  25. Now I have to go eat something.

  26. Knife and Gun purchases always put a guy in the dog house! Lol

  27. throw me 20 bucks ill take care of her lol just joking bro great vid and man that looks so good wow ill be trying this cheers man

  28. Looks delicious I would just add some hot peppers but some people don't like them. I always wonder though if hobos wear flip flops?

  29. I carry a shaker of GSP (Garlic powder, salt, and pepper). Dinner looked great.

  30. Good video Leo. I haven't done one of these since ny Scouting days. We would often use hamburger and bacon. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

  31. Hey Leo. Next time your wife kicks you out, come on down to my back yard. We'll steal my neighbors chickens and cook them!

  32. Delicious looking, just need to add some paper lantern or habanero peppers. My late Mother told when she was little around the 1940's, my Grandmother would cook meals for the hobo's passing through town. They knew to come down to the house, just a couple of blocks from the tracks, and has long they were polite she would fix them something like a soup that they could eat on the porch.

    My mom would sit with them eating while listening to them telling about how it was traveling around on the trains.

  33. nice video leo! me personally id have to add a little bit of cheese to it

  34. Ok now I'm hungry, lol. Time to set up the fire and wait, great video. Man can't have enough knives 😀

  35. I grew up calling those turtle shell meals. Not sure why that's just what we called them. Hamburger works well too

  36. Great video, got you a sub. Thanks for sharing. Was that an LTKW Bushcrafter HC?

  37. Looks tasty, we made these all the time when I was a kid…

  38. I think ya pretty much nailed it. Another option would be a sausage and cabbage.

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