How To Make Jack Daniels Bologna! | Whisky Bologna

In this video I cooked up the famous bologna recipe from The Gralehaus restaurant in Louisville Kentucky! Got to do a little cold smoking on the Lone Star as well as some sous vide, then “copycat” The Gralehaus’ fried bologna sandwich! Great times! Recipe below
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  1. For the record, I totally misspoke in calling JD bourbon. My bad! Sorry Kentucky!!! Cheers!

  2. I love bologna and would love to see a video of you doing a similar recipe and fully smoking it. If you have done one, I missed it. I'm also wondering if Wagyu could be substituted or if that would be a waste of great meat. You have inspired me to try several different things I never thought I was capable of doing at home. Thank you for posting great content!

  3. what makes you choose one hamburger bun over the other? What makes a brioche more suitable than a pretzel or vice versa?

  4. I'm not even a fan of bologna, but now I want to try and make my own. Maybe it will convert me ?

  5. Excellent video Sir, I am going to try this. God Bless

  6. Do you need the dextrose for any reason? We can do without right?

  7. holy hell that looks damn fine

  8. Couldn't you just smoked it the entire time?

  9. Your in the USA, what happened to oz and cups ? Please have the courtesy to use the measurements "US Americans" were brought up and learn. Thank You.

  10. The ice bath should have been bourbon also!

  11. It’s 1:30am and I just watched a guy make bologna for 20 min.

  12. Just absolutely starved me to death.!!!

  13. The last I looked I thought we was in the United States. When you started talking about grams and whatever else kilograms you lost my interest you could have turned around and put a link down below for us dumb Ol Boys. That still use ounces in teaspoons and such I won't be watching your channel much anymore

  14. Clean your flat top dude! A little gross.

  15. Well this is great info, if I had spent $10,000 on equipment. Of course then I would open a small kitchen. How can this help Joe Backyard?

  16. Way to much trouble and equipment needed. But he seems to be enjoying himself.

  17. So…..i'm just gonna get some pre-made beef bologna and soak it in jack daniels and fry it.

  18. Looks really good, but to time consuming and to many steps

  19. Greg, your videos are superb. I love the attention to detail in your instructions. I also appreciate the post cook critique. Whenever I work on a new recipe, I write "as-made" and then add suggestions for modifications for the next time. I am going to try this recipe over the weekend with your suggestions of additional JD and some allspice. In addition, I will cold and hot smoke it in my Bradley smoker until it reaches 155 Fahrenheit. Keep up the great work!

  20. Dang, almost make a career in making that bologna!

  21. Love this in depth process Greg! Do you think you could smoke in the end without the casing?

  22. Now who would have all this equipment to make this? I think only you!

  23. like it .its easy to follow.will give it a try


  25. You need to clean your grill, it's disgustingly dirty…?

  26. Well done making those giant dildos

  27. How long will the Bologna last in the fridge? Or do u need to freeze it?

  28. “Blooming” at room temp overnight? What happened to 40 to 140 in 4 hours ?

  29. My hero! That looks awesome thank you!

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