How to Make Paella on the Grill

Julia shows Bridget how to make a seafood Paella on the Grill.

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  1. Garlic burning… what does that taste like 🤔

  2. Hi Ladies, I love your show. I have been watching it since Chris was on the show. I also made a Paella video. I hope you like it.

  3. Authentic Valencia paella doesn't use seafood it uses just chicken and rabbit.
    But you use what you like after all it's peasant food and they used what ever they had.
    This looks fantastic and cannot wait to try it out Thanks ladies

  4. Wait an optional ingredient is saffron because of your taste buds….LMAO what  do your taste buds have to do with an authentic recipes???? that is why your in a test kitchen….LOL

  5. Thats one delicious gumbo.

  6. Since when is saphron optional in paella?

  7. then again, not paella hahaha

  8. Ummm… Softito is the core of the dish and you talked about it, but you did not make sofrito. You made broth.

  9. Honestly was not sure if this video would get paella right on the grill. But this was really beautifully done. Nice job ladies!

  10. When you cover the paella with the bbq lid, are the vents on top open or closed?

  11. This is a 5 star recipe, will try.

  12. That paella dish is looking great and I was so hungry while watching it being made.

  13. I love, love, love Paella…In all it's different flavors. It is the most versatile of dishes. Cooked indoors or outside, you can never go wrong! All the trolls are complaining (below) about the various ingredients, but No one has mentioned, (As ATK did,) you must have the correct rice for the best results!

  14. sherry! in Paella? Not anywhere in Spain I've been and I lived there for eighteen years!

  15. Julia seems to be a master BBQ'er! maybe she can enter some competitions?

  16. Question? It seems the seafood cooks a long time. I really want to cook this but I don’t want to end up with rubber instead of luscious shrimp and clams.
    Thanks for sharing these videos with us! 😊

  17. This recipe is for those who have too much time on their hands, and a hell of allot of money.
    I am sure that I would love it, but Chef John's cashew chicken is a tenth the work, and also probably just as good.

  18. Bridget is the tastiest item in the video……..😋

  19. At 9:14 the video goes into the phantom realm.

  20. “Our favorite clam juice” I don’t know if I can, it’s so hard to choose between all of them

  21. If you're doing the national dish if Spain at least have the decency to pronounce it correctly.

  22. I think you need to mention that there is saffron and there is saffron. You want the latter which would be from Spain and not the one from Mexico. (Do your own research as to why.)

  23. Love the paella looks Delicious thank you

  24. It does go with saffron 🙄
    *Coriander leaves also in that sofrito.

  25. Paella is one of my favorite dishes! Yes, the grill is where you want to make it. Excellent video, as always 😉

  26. Cast iron skillet works in the stove

  27. There are so many things wrong with that thing… no way you can call it a paella
    Use fish heads, spines, etc to make the broth
    Don’t add saffron then, only on the paella after toasting it lightly
    Fry chicken in the paella, not in another place, then retire it anp return to the paella the last 15 mn
    Shrimps are added without peeling them, all the flavour is in the head
    Clams are added only the last 5 min
    Never use clam juice, that thing doesn’t exist in Spain
    And never chorizo, that’s a no no
    Use green beans, no peas
    As someone else said, that can be called “ rice with things” not paella

  28. I had paella in Spain a few times and the socarrat definitely adds to the deliciousness of the dish. Sometimes the paella didn't have any socarrat but it was still very tasty of course. Great looking ATK recipe. 👍

  29. This looks much better than the kind of paella made with bunny rabbits and snails in España.

  30. Ye gods. You all owe me a new keyboard, I'm typing this from a drool puddle.

  31. Why not put the chorizo in before the sofrito and cook the onions/peppers in the chorizo fat? Should i try it?

  32. They make me feel like they're going to ask for the supervisor in any moment

  33. I really appreciate all the rest of you who understand how obnoxious these naysayers are.

  34. You two make a great team. ATK is better than ever!

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