How to Set Up a Big Green Egg for a Low and Slow Boston Butt Cook

This video shows how I like to set up my Big Green Egg for a Low and Slow Boston Butt cook. There are several different opinions about the proper setup but this one has worked well for me on several cooks. Please feel free to provide input or share your method in the comment section below. Keep…


  1. Where did those shelves come from?

  2. If i Try this i always end up with disgusting white smoke, no way this kamado has the air to make them burn so they will smolder en taste terrible ..imho.. if you wanna smoke with wood get an offset is my advice

  3. Great video! Very informative, appreciate the step-by-step of how to setup the egg, how much charcoal, etc.

  4. What do you do about the stall

  5. Thanks so much for the tutorial. This is my first shot at a pork shoulder. My hubby is the pit master usually. I use our green egg mostly for steaks and baking apple pies. My shoulder turned out perfect and passed the "hubby" test. Now, I'm the pit mistress!! Awesome!!

  6. I like your yard! Thanx for vid…we doing pulled pork for LII tomorrow

  7. Where did you get that cap on your egg? I've had mine a while so is that the new style they come with?

  8. Good information. I'm sitting outside watching my egg cook now. I wish had seen your video before I started cooking! I started cooking late in the afternoon. I'm either going to have to cook it a higher temperature or we are going to be eating at midnight.

  9. Burn out means run all night?

  10. Very informative video, thanks 🙂

  11. You sure put a lot of charcoal in !! I did a 7 1/2 lb butt 2 days ago and used less that half of the amount you loaded. Mine went 11hrs at 225 degrees. finished internal temp was 200. Had enough charcoal left to go another 6-8 hrs . Your leaking gasket would be the reason for excessive fuel consumption. —– Mikey

  12. should i put the place setter in after the smoke goes clear blue?

  13. Thanks so much for the great video.

  14. Whaaat? No pictures or video as to how it turned out? I was hoping to see how it looked after all that time.

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